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SSI (formerly NASDS) certified ALOKSAK bags waterproof to depths exceeding 60 meters. Confirmed testing in their pressure chamber under constant pressure of 200 SFW for two weeks without leaks.

North American Fishing Club

ALOKSAK bags were approved after being diversely tested by a selection of 35 individuals under a variety of circumstances.

US NAVY - ALOKSAK passed submergence/thrash/pull tests conducted by Navy Experimental Diving Unit.


Watchful Eye Designs (Aloksak) holds a GSA contract and sells to the military worldwide.

With so many uses and markets, ALOKSAK has become recognized as an exceptional piece of gear. Aloksak is sold to REI, Best Glide A.S.E, EMS, The Sportsman's Guide, The Boy Scouts of America, Overton's, Adventure Medical Kits, Magellan's Travel Supplies, Cabela's, Tactical and Survival, Army Air Force Exchange Services, Rutabaga, Piragis, Brigade Quartermasters, FEMA and the FBI Hazmat department.

Aloksak is sold in the United States, Spain, South Africa, Greece, Singapore, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, UK, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Dominican Republic, Italy and Australia.

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