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550 Parachute Cord
MIL-C-5040 TYPE III Parachute Cord.

Best Glide ASE offers only the highest quality, genuine issue, Mil Spec parachute cord. You will find that there are multiple manufacturers that make genuine MIL-C-5040 Type III, however, they are not all alike. We have looked at numersous versions over the years and have stayed with one manufacturer, the one that makes the best product. Try us and compare ours to theirs and we think you will agree. Numerous large corporations, organizations, thousands of individuals and the U.S. Government, who purchase from us, agree!

If you are interested in purchasing our Genuine MIL-5040-C Type III Parachute Cord or our MIL-5040-C Type 1A Utility Cord by the roll, please either give us a call at 888-834-9971 or visit our new website, Look under Survival Accessories and Military Para Cord for this option.

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