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If you are going to fly over water that is of hypothermia causing temperatures, consider an Imperial Immersion Suit as inexpensive insurance. 

immersion suit


Three fingered mitt to keep your fingers warmer.
*Note: Suits should not be fully donned if in the wheelhouse or small aircraft, but tied to the waist. This is a precaution to prevent entrapment.
Two zipper tab pulls on zipper
Each located at top and bottom of zipper. This cuts down on your donning time by allowing the zipper to be pulled straight up.
Wide legs to allow quick donning.
Gives you the ability to don with shoes or boots on. Ankle straps to aid in walking.
Toe valves to purge excess air
Face Seal is soft and flexible making it comfortable to wear.
Back straps keep the rings in place.
There's more reflective tape on the Imperial suit than is required.
Suits are true to size.
Please try any suit on before real life use.
Sturdy carrying bag with two handles
One handle on the side and one on the bottom for quick donning. Quality bag snaps are used on the immersion suit bag to help prevent corrosion.


Does the Imperial Immersion Suit float?
The Imperial Immersion Suit provides floatation that is more than adequate for most people.  These suits have a minimum of 22 lbs of buoyancy and will float while full of water.  

How should I wear the Imperial Suit while not in the water?
The manufacturer recommends that a passenger/pilot wear the suit over the legs in anticipation of trouble.  In this configuration, one can put the rest of the suit on in 8 seconds with a little practice.  Wearing the immersion suit fully would become very uncomfortable as it is designed to fit loose and be very warm.  The manufacturer adds that it is possible to donn the entire cold water immersion suit in 20 seconds with training.  This is why the Imperial Suit consistently wins immersion suit competitions.  
What should I wear under the Immersion Suit?
Wear what is comfortable but appropriate to the conditions you are likely to encounter if you were to have to ditch.  If you are expecting cold water, wear cold weather gear underneath.  However, you can wear as much or as little as you deem appropriate.  Unlike a wet suit, these suits are not form fitting and are not designed to be.  If they were tight, they would be impossible to put on in an emergency.
What if I cannot get them on until I am in the water.    
Though not as effective as if you were to stay dry, any water that enters the immersion suit will be warmed by your body.  The 5 mm thick neoprene will then insulate the ambient water from the water contained in your suit. Valves are included in the feet of the suit to allow you do drain excess air and water prior to exiting the water.


Immersion Suit High Rider Ring
This buoyant ring is designed to keep you higher in the water.  It is made of neoprene and attached by zippers making it easy for you to replace yourself. Most other immersion suits have air bladders (high rider rings) that must be brought into a certified station to be replaced.  The high rider ring is standard equipment, and is included on all Imperial Immersion Suits sold by Best Glide.
Personal Survival Kit Pocket
This pocket zips right onto the immersion suit high rider ring, making a simple solution to the need for a personal survival kit. It can hold an E.P.I.R.B., spare glasses, medication, flares, water, food, etc...

Sizing Information


Height Range

Weight Range


 5'4" to 6'3"

110 to 330 lbs


 4'10" to 5'10"

Up to 180 lbs


 Over 6'3"

Over 330 lbs


 Up to 59"

Up to 59"

:  All Imperial Immersion Suits sold by Best Glide A.S.E. come equipped with a storage bag and High Rider Ring. 

cold water immersion suit
Imperial Immersion Suit

 OW1409A  Adult (Universal)  $315.95
 OW1409O  Small Adult (Intermed)  $315.95
 OW1409J  XXL (Jumbo)  $359.95
 OW1409C  Child's Size (Child)  $315.95


Imperial 1409 Immersion Suit

 Please call to order!

 Toll Free: 888-834-9971


A few replacement accessories to consider ....

Imperial Suit Survival Kit Pocket - This immersion suit pocket attaches to the High Rider Ring and assures that you have important survival equipment within reach.  It can hold items such as flares, signal mirrors, signal radios, dye markers etc...

High Rider Ring - This buoyant ring attaches to your cold water immersion suit to hold you higher up in the water. It is standard equipment on all Imperial Immersion Suits sold by Best Glide. It is sold here as replacement equipment for your convenience.  

cold water immersion suit

Immersion Suit Replacement Accessories

 OW1420  Suit Survival Kit Pocket  $39.95
 OW1410A  High Rider Ring (Universal)  $58.95
 OW1410O  High Rider Ring (Intermed)  $58.95
 OW1410J  High Rider Ring (Jumbo)  $58.95
 OW1410C  High Rider Ring (Child)  $58.95


Immersion Suit Replacement Accessories

 Please call to order!

 Toll Free: 888-834-9971

Please contact us for information on volume and
organizational discounts.










You must make every attempt to prevent injury and escape the aircraft safely.
You must stay afloat.
You must stay warm and not succumb to hypothermia. 





Immersion Suit



Hypothermia occurs when your body temperature falls below 95° F.

Shipping Information

This item will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. Here is why.

---Faster delivery
---Newer and better
   cared for product
---Lower cost to you

---More flexible to
   special requests
---Allows us to
   negotiate quantity

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