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About Us

Aviation Survival EquipmentIn 2002, two friends decided to take the flying trip of a lifetime.  Flying from Texas to Alaska in a 1976 Cessna.

That trip was in a small airplane, a Cessna 172, and the route of flight took us through the central and northwestern United States, western Canada and into the rugged and beautiful state of Alaska. It was a flight that began in Houston, Texas and ended, 35 flight hours later, in Fairbanks, Alaska. Though we have taken this trip since, this one was the most magical. It was the first and so many aspects of the trip were unknown and new to us. In short, it was an adventure.

Over the months leading up to the flight, we spent an enormous amount of time attempting to locate and purchase that aviation survival gear which was either required by law or I had deemed necessary to keep us safe in the event of an unfortunate incident. The task was daunting. I had to shop at multiple locations, paying numerous shipping fees, and still did not find everything I needed. It is because of our difficulty in locating quality aviation survival oriented equipment that I decided, upon my return, to start Best Glide Aviation Survival Equipment, Inc. at

Our Mission

It is our mission at Best Glide ASE to provide the survival and prepper community with a comprehensive selection of quality survival related equipment at a reasonable price and in a convenient and timely manner. We are rapidly and enthusiastically working toward this goal. In over 15 years of business, which makes us one of the oldest survival equipment dealers around, we have made much progress and do so daily.

Adventure Survival EquipmentWe at Best Glide ASE will sell only the best quality Survival products, many of which are NATO or US Government Approved. We don't even consider purchasing an item simply because of the profit potential of that item. It is simple, our customers have come to rely on us for quality survival equipment. If it is not quality, you will not find it here. If we are not willing to trust our lives to a specific product, you will not find it here either.

 Subsequently, our products will sometimes cost more then their lesser quality counterparts. But as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” We do not settle for less than quality when it comes to our own safety and survival and refuse to ask you to do so either. I think that if you take a look at other survival equipment supplier's selections, you will come to the conclusion that they have a different philosophy.

You will find that a majority of our survival equipment, survival kits and survival gear are priced below, some well below, our fellow survival equipment retailers. This is because our main goal is not to make money, but to build something of which we can be proud. To do this, we must center on service….not product sales or profit margins. We very much desire to fill every possible Survival Equipment need an adventurer, sportsman, rescuer, pilot, boater or weekend explorer could ever face. Only then will we be happy with our performance.

Please give us at Best Glide ASE a try. I know you will not be disappointed with our products or service. It is for this reason that we are now a supplier to numerous government agencies (like NASA, FBI, DEA, USAF, US Army, USMC), rescue organizations, corporations, clubs and individuals alike.  Best Glide ASE currently supplies and has supplied survival kits and survival equipment to the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, State Department, Missionary Flight Organizations, the Civial Air Patrol, aircraft manufacturers, gun manufacturers, Survival Television Personalities and many, many more.  In our survival kits you find quality and dependability.  Don't confuse our kits with much cheaper, and far more less quality types usually imported from the East.  Kits such as these usually use cheaply made components for the purpose of producing high profit margins.  Ours are made to save lives.


Several years ago, due to a large number of requests that our products be available at wholesale, for retail outlets that wished to carry high quality yet reasonably priced survival equipment and survival kits, we started  Here, re-sellers, non profit organizations and government entities can purchase a number of our products at a margin which allows the merchant to pass our high quality survival equipment on to their customers.  Because we are great supporters of the U.S. Military and Non-Profit organizations, like the Boy Scouts of America and the Civil Air Patrol, we also provide discounts to aid them in their crucial missions as well.

Survival Kit Design Service

Over the years, Best Glide ASE has come to be known as the place to go if you wish to design a custom made survival kit for your organization.  This is because we don't believe in offering imported, ready made, survival kits.  These often have inferior contents and are price unreasonably.  But, most of all, many include items that are simply not helpful in a survival situation.  This is done by the manufacturer so that they are able to say that their kit includes, for example, "100 survival items".  This is not what we do.  Our kits include high quality, beneficial items. 

Give us a call if you are interested in having a survival kit made for your organization.  We know you have seen some of those that we have designed on the market today.  Survival kits are NOT one size fits all.  Our Survival Kit Design Service allows you to design that kit that fits YOUR needs, not the needs of someone 1000 miles away.


Our philosophy has always been one that we feel is contrary to the way most businesses of our size and type operate.  We believe that survival equipment is something that everyone should have.   We have not greater feeling of satisfaction than when one of our customers writes us to tell us of our equipment either saved a life or at the very least, prevented a difficult situation from becoming a survival situation.  Each story we here helps us to build our business a little better by adding products or modifying some of our Adventurer Series Survival Equipment to provide even better life saving potential.

Because of this philosophy, we also feel that selling a few items at high price is not helpful to the community.  We would much rather sell many products at a lower price, thus helping everyone to be able at least have basic survival gear.  This is why we spend so much time trying to price our items lower than most so that everyone has the opportunity to purchase what they feel would be beneficial to their location and situation.  Often we have the buying power to price our items very low.  Unfortunately, the inverse is not always true.  What we can guarantee what we charge is the minimum we are able to charge and still pay our operating expenses.

Please always feel free to send us comments or suggestions regarding anything you wish.  We welcome all opinions as they have helped us build our business to what it is today.

Request for Assistance

To aid us in our philosophy, listed above, please consider rating our products to include those you like and those you don't like.  This helps us provide the best possible products and services to everyone.  Each item listed has a link on the product page to allow this.  Other customers benefit from your suggestions, comments and even criticisms.  We welcome them all.

We also ask that you follow us on Facebook if possible, as we often offer specials and request opinions of our customers, followers and friends. 

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