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Adventurer Survival Gear

Adventurer Series Survival Equipment is a Best Glide ASE survival gear selection that is dedicated to being high quality, reasonable cost and effective.  Our company was founded with the goal of providing the highest quality camping and survival gear at affordable prices.  You can find our Adventuer Series Survival Equipment in a number of retail, wholesale and internet outlets.  Our motto then and today is “Best Glide ASE, where preparedness is our philosophy and customer service is second to none. ”  When shopping for outdoor gear, look for our distictive mountain scene on a blue background and our well known round red "Adventure...Survival...Life..." logo.

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  1. Tinder Quik Fire Tabs - Adventurer Series

    br>Adventurer Tinder Quik Fire Tabs are the perfect complement to your Spark Lite Aviation Survival Fire Starter, or any fire starter, and assure you of plenty of fire starting ability. Each Tinder Quik Fire Tab is specially treated to ensure that the cotton is Learn More
  2. Credit Card Survival Tool / Pocket Camper and Survival Tool

    i>Adventurer Series Survival Equipment The Credit Card Survival Tool, also known as the Pocket Camper and Survival Tool, is a credit card size stainless steel multi-tool packed with features. The Credit Card Survival Tool, includes: stainless steel Learn More
  3. Defend Mosquito Patch

    Regular Price: $2.95

    Special Price $1.95

    he Adventurer Outdoor Mosquito Patch by Omezone is a topically applied patch that repels mosquitoes and other biting insects! The Adventurer Outdoor Mosquito Patch is 100% safe and harmless to children and pets, yet so effective it keeps mosquitoes and other b Learn More
  4. Compact Tracker II Survival Button Compass

    br>The Compact Tracker II Button Compass is a durable, oil filled, pressurized military style, 20 mm, compass. This compass is oil filled for needle dampening and is pressurized. It is water resistant to 100 Meters. And, the cardinal points glow in the dark. It is extr Learn More
  5. Adventurer Spiral Wire Pocket Saw

    br>The Adventurer Spiral Wire Pocket Saw is the original pocket saw carried by famed test pilot Chuck Yaeger. It has been used by the US Military for over 30 years. The Adventurer Spiral Wire Pocket Saw can be coiled up into a shirt pocket or easily included in Learn More
  6. Adventurer Spiral Wire Camp Saw

    br>The Spiral Wire Camp Saw is a larger and heavier duty version of the Spiral Pocket Wire Saw which has been used by the US Military for over 30 years. The Adventurer Spiral Wire Camp Saw can be easily included in survival and camping kits. This survival wire s Learn More
  7. Adventurer Extra Gear Fishing Kit

    br/>The Adventurer Extra Gear Fishing Supply is a small fishing kit containing the most often needed replacement fishing items such as hooks, lures, weights and floats. This kit is not designed as a survival fishing kit as it does not include fishing line. Asse Learn More
  8. Adventurer All Weather Survival Matches

    b>NSN 9920-99-665-4243 NATO Survival Matches are the finest waterproof survival matches available anywhere at any price. These matches are issued to troops around the globe. Once ignited, these windproof survival storm matches are more like small flares than ma Learn More

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  9. Adventurer Mini Med Pack

    br/>The Adventurer Mini Med Pack contains basic, over the counter medicines for the most common ailments which can ruin a quiet weekend getaway. These include discomforts such as headaches, stomach aches, allergies, diarrhea and heat related issues. Learn More
  10. Adventurer Mini Wound Pack

    br/>The Adventurer Mini Wound Pack contains a basic first aid supply for minor cuts and abrasions. Band aids, antiseptics and antibiotic ointment are a few of the items in this compact and essential pack. These seem to be the most forgotten and most needed items during Learn More
  11. 25 ft Green Parachute Cord

    br>Genuine Military Issue Made in the USA Adventurer Series 25 ft Green Parachute Cord has strength of 550lbs and is the genuine parachute cord used by the U.S. Military. Do not confuse this true, Made in the USA, 550 Paracord with the many imitations on th Learn More
  12. Adventurer Fresnel Magnifier Lens

    br/>The Adventurer Magnifier Lens is a small, flat, simple and inexpensive Fresnel Lens with a 4 power magnification. About the same size as a credit card, except thinner, the Adventurer Magnifier Lens can always be there when you need it. The Adventurer Magnifier Learn More
  13. Adventurer Survival Kit Box

    The Adventurer Survival Kit Box, part of the Best Glide Adventurer Series of Survival Equipment, is ideal for all of your outdoor needs. Because it is made of heavy duty aluminum with a leak resistant inside rubber seal and positive locking roller clasps, Learn More
  14. Survival Sewing and Repair Kit

    br>The Adventurer Series Survival Sewing and Repair Kit not only contains the basic survival sewing items, it is innovative in the fact that it also includes items for basic repairs. It is the first we have seen to contain high grade Kevlar Thread with a tensile strength Learn More
  15. Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin

    Regular Price: $35.95

    Special Price $31.95

    br>Assembled in the USA! The Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin is one of the best quality, true, pocket survival kits on the market today. The Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin includes numerous genuine U.S. Military Issue/Approved items, NATO Approved items and items made Learn More
  16. Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit

    Starting at: $64.95

    The Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit is the next step in the evolution of the perfect small, yet well stocked survival kit. Viewing its small size from the outside of the survival kit, one is surprised to see the large inventory of life saving survival ge Learn More
  17. Adventurer Survival Fire Starter

    br/>The Adventurer Survival Fire Starter will start up to 1000 fires with sparks of up to 3000 degrees. This fire starter is a no frills, very durable and extremely effective fire starter. The Adventurer Fire Starter comes with a universal fire starter strike Learn More
  18. Watch Band Survival Compass

    br>The Adventurer Watch Band Survival Compass, like our Tracker and Compact Tracker Button Compass, is made for both recreation and survival. The Watch Band Compass is a button compass mounted in a handy housing that allows you to slip your watch band through it. Learn More
  19. First Aid Tool Kit

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $8.95

    br/>The Adventurer First Aid Tool Kit includes three of the most needed tools related to medical emergencies and survival first aid: a suture puller/clamp, small surgical scissors and compact tweezers.

    These high quality surgical and first aid tools, which are manu Learn More
  20. Adventurer Pocket Survival Candle

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $8.95

    br/>The Adventurer Pocket Survival Candle is the latest in life saving survival warmth. The Adventurer Pocket Survival Beeswax Candle utilizes three wicks so the user can decide how much heat and burn time is needed. We were looking for an all natural, Learn More
  21. Compact Emergency Signal Panel

    The Adventurer Compact Emergency Signal Panel is designed to attract the attention of rescuers or mark wilderness areas for easy relocating later. Searchers, who are looking for those in need of rescue, will scan the ground for colors that contrasts the t Learn More
  22. Compact Emergency Signal Mirror

    br/>The Compact Emergency Signal Mirror is a durable, compact metal signal mirror small enough to fit into your wallet, coin purse or pocket. It measures only 2.0" x 1.5".

    Survival experts worldwide agree that no person should venture into the woods, Learn More
  23. Adventurer Fire Starter Kit

    br/>The Adventurer Series, Adventurer Fire Starter Kit goes well beyond matches or a lighter.  It is designed to light fires, even under the worst conditions.  As we all know, matches are just the source of ignition when building a survival or recreati Learn More
  24. Heavy Duty Survival Rescue Bag

    br>The Adventurer Heavy Duty Rescue Bag is perfectly suited in keeping the wind and rain off of a survival victim, while it's bright orange color helps rescuers locate and render assistance to those in need.

    This is not a simple garbage bag, The Heavy Duty Rescue Survival Learn More
  25. Best Glide ASE Survival and Tactical Backpack with Molle System - Medium Size

    b>The Best Glide ASE Survival and Tactical Backpack with Molle System (Medium Size) was designed to be utilized in our selection of Survival Kits and Bug Out Bags. However, it can be utilized in a variety of additional ways to include Build Your Own Survival Backpacks and Bu Learn More

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