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Adventurer Survival Gear

Adventurer Series Survival Equipment is a Best Glide ASE survival gear selection that is dedicated to being high quality, reasonable cost and effective.  Our company was founded with the goal of providing the highest quality camping and survival gear at affordable prices.  You can find our Adventuer Series Survival Equipment in a number of retail, wholesale and internet outlets.  Our motto then and today is “Best Glide ASE, where preparedness is our philosophy and customer service is second to none. ”  When shopping for outdoor gear, look for our distictive mountain scene on a blue background and our well known round red "Adventure...Survival...Life..." logo.

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  1. Compact Emergency Survival Signal Mirror

    br/>The Compact Emergency Survival Signal Mirror is a durable, compact metal signal mirror small enough to fit into your wallet, coin purse or pocket. It measures only 2.0" x 1.5".

    Survival experts worldwide agree that no person should venture into th Learn More
  2. Compact Emergency Signal Panel

    The Adventurer Compact Emergency Signal Panel is designed to attract the attention of rescuers or mark wilderness areas for easy relocating later. Searchers, who are looking for those in need of rescue, will scan the ground for colors that contrasts the t Learn More
  3. Adventurer Pocket Survival Candle

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $8.95

    br/>The Adventurer Pocket Survival Candle is the latest in life saving survival warmth. The Adventurer Pocket Survival Beeswax Candle utilizes three wicks so the user can decide how much heat and burn time is needed. We were looking for an all natural, Learn More
  4. Watch Band Survival Compass

    br>The Adventurer Watch Band Survival Compass, like our Tracker and Compact Tracker Button Compass, is made for both recreation and survival. The Watch Band Compass is a button compass mounted in a handy housing that allows you to slip your watch band through it. Learn More
  5. Emergency Survival Suture Kit

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $26.95

    br>The Adventurer Emergency Survival Suture Kit is for those of us who wish to go one step beyond the items contained in an everyday first aid or survival kit. Because the Emergency Survival Suture Kit is contained in a compact Survival Suture Kit bag, it can be used as Learn More
  6. VS17 CIV Emergency Signal Panel

    The Adventurer VS-17 CIV Signal Panel is a very durable signal panel modeled after the military VS-17 GVX Signal Panel. It is bright orange to attract attention of either airborne or ground search teams.

    Agencies of the U.S. Government now purc Learn More
  7. Desert Operator Survival Kit

    br>The Desert Operator Survival Kit was the result of a collaboration between Best Glide ASE and a large Government Contractor for the U.S. State Department. The Desert Operator Survival Kit not only includes numerous high quality survival kit items, but also a s Learn More

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  8. Be Prepared® Boy Scout Survival Kit

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price $35.95

    br>The Be Prepared® Pocket Survival Kit, officially licensed by the Boy Scouts of America, is one of the highest quality, true pocket survival kits on the market today. The Be Prepared® Pocket Survival Kit includes numerous genuine U.S. Military Issue/Approved items, Learn More
  9. Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle

    br>The compact Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle is a loud, long distance signal device suitable for alerting help. A survival whistle is a necessary item for adventurers and is added security for families while hiking, camping, boating or just enjoying the outdoors. Learn More
  10. Beeswax Survival Candles

    br/>Beeswax Survival Candles (Made in USA) are a perfect fit when it comes to numerous survival, emergency and recreational activities. Our Mini Beeswax Survival Candles burn brighter, cleaner, hotter and longer than other candles their size, making them great survival candles. Learn More
  11. Military Scout Pocket Survival Tin

    Regular Price: $37.95

    Special Price $33.95

    br>U.S. Government Issue The Military Scout Pocket Survival Tin is one of the best quality, true, pocket survival kits on the market today. The Military Scout Pocket Survival Tin includes numerous genuine U.S. Military Issue/Approved items, NATO Approved items and it Learn More
  12. Ready Five Compact Kit Bag

    est Glide ASE designed the Ready Five Compact Kit Bag with durability, simplicity and inexpensiveness in mind. The Compact Kit Bag, often used for survival kits and medical kits, is much like the old style "bank zipper bag" but is much more durable. Use the Ready Five C Learn More
  13. Military Glass Signal Mirror

    b>Military Approved NSN 6350 00 261 9772 This Military Approved Glass Signal Mirror has a military designation of 2" x 3", Mirror, Glass, Signal, MIL-M-18371E. It carries NSN 6350 00 261 9772 and (3"x 5") Mirror, Emergency Signaling, Mark 3. The signal mirror is Learn More
  14. Adventurer Mini Survival Repair Tape

    b>Made in USA! Be prepared for nearly any backcountry repair job with our conveniently sized rolls of versatile duct tape. Each roll, approximately 50" long, is made and wound in the USA. Duct Tape is a basic survival tool as it can be used for shelter, food gathering Learn More
  15. Survival Gill Net

    Regular Price: $28.95

    Special Price $25.95

    The Survival Gill Net is an excellent, and in some areas, required form of aviation survival food gathering. This 12’ x 4’ Emergency Gill Net is used by stretching it across a stream or pond.

    The Best Glide Emergency Gill Ne Learn More
  16. Adventurer Mosquito Head Net

    br>The Adventurer Mosquito Head Net is designed to be worn with or without a hat and protects your face and neck from biting insects. We highly recommend a mosquito head net as a supplement to insect repellent. A Mosquito Headnet is one of those items that you Learn More

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