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Ames.Northrop Grumman US Military E Tool

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Military Surplus Entrenching Tool

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The Military Issue Entrenching Tool is a rugged piece of high quality, no frills, survival gear. It is issued NSN 5120-00-878-5932 and purchased as USGI Surplus from the U.S. Government. This is the genuine article and not to be confused with numerous "knock off" Entrenching Tools on the market today.

The Military Surplus Northrop Grumman E-Tool usually comes in varying conditions, all functional. Please see below for a description of the possible conditions, based on extent of use. Note: The E-Tool image left is in our Very Good category. Other categories will show more or less signs of use depending on the category chosen.  Again, all are fully functional and will perform as intended.


Note:  The E-Tool shown above is an image of the Military Issue E-Tool in Very  Good condition.  The product will not appear in this same condition if another category is chosen.  See below category descriptions for details.

The Ames/Northrop Grumman USGI, Military Surplus, Entrenching Tool is a heavy duty, low tech piece of high quality survival gear.  It can be used for purposes ranging from building a survival shelter, digging a survival hole, fighting off wild animals to digging yourself out of a snowbound situation.  Heck, as a Boy Scout, I evenMilitary Surplus Entrenching Tool cooked hamburgers on an Entrenching Tool like the Gerber Military Issue E-Tool during my wilderness survival merit badge.

A shovel, or entrenching tool, is a valuable piece of survival gear.  If you follow survival theories geared toward wilderness survival, you will find countless ways to fend off the cold, snow and wind with the use of a shovel.  One most often talked about is simply being able to dig a hole that will get you below ground level, out of the wind.  There are many other uses, all of which can save your life.

This USGI Military Surplus E-Tool has an NSN of 5120-00-878-5932, issued to Northrop Grumman.  It includes serration on the blade edges and includes a Heavy Duty Steel Blade.  This Genuine Military Issue Entrenching Tool can be locked into a 90 degree configuration to use as a hoe or pick.  Because of the versatility of this Army Shovel, or Entrenching Tool, it can be used as a saw, axe, pick, hoe and shovel. 


USGI Entrenching Tool
NSN:  5120-00-878-5932
Overall Length: Approx. 23"
Weight: Approx. 2.7 lbs
Blade Composition:  Heavy Duty Steel
Handle Composition: Aluminum (very strong)

Our Military Issue Entrenching Tools, or E-Tools, are divided into three categories: New/Like New, Very Good and Used. See below for a description of each.

Military Issue Entrenching ToolNew/Like New - This means the Military Surplus E-Tool was received by us still in its original packaging, with its original tags attached or no visible signs of use could be found.  In many cases, an item looks new and unused upon inspection, but to be sure, it is included in the Very Good Category.  In this condition, there may be slight scuffs or scratches on the E-Tool due to storage by the Military.

Very Good - The item either appears to be in unused condition or has slight marks that show it was either issued and stored or was used several times at the most.  The Military Issue Entrenching Tool will be in fully functional condition, as it is with all of our military surplus products.  The coloring will be in very good shape.  There may be scratches, scuff marks and even dirt in some cases caused by usage of the E-Tool by U.S. Troops.

Used - This includes everything else, while still insuring that the Military Issue, USGI, Entrenching Tool is fully functional.  In short, it is fully functional but will not look new.  There will be signs of wear and or usage.  However, again, in this condition the Military Surplus Entrenching Tool will be fully functional and will do everything it was designed to do when new.  It is often the case that a good cleaning, a little TLC and a fresh shot of black paint will make the Entrenching Tool look Very Good when purchased in this condition.

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I know John ^ asked this question last month but do you know if you will be getting any more of these entrenching tools in soon?
will you guys be getting any of these in soon?
When will you be getting more new Ames military issue entrenching tools in ?
Hi, I see the trenching tool is still unavailable, give us a email when you source
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