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Questions on Official USAF 21st Century A2 Flight Jacket - Cockpit USA

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  • From Gys at 7/7/2013 10:56 AM
    • Is it just the same as the Avirex A2 or is it the Avrex A2? Does it have side and front pockets?
    • Gys,

      Thanks for visiting us.

      I cannot answer your question about if this jacket is the same as the Avirex A2. I am not familiar with that jacket enough to make sure I am answering accurately. I can say that this jacket is current military issue, not a knock off product, and is made here in the USA. It does have both the front under flap pockets and the front "hand warmer" pockets as they call them.

      In other words, there are two pockets on each side. There is also a pocket on the inside.

      I hope this helps. Sorry about not being able to compare the jacket. I know that this company used to be called Avirex LTD so it is possible that this is the same jacket you are referring to. They changed names to Cockpit USA but still retained the government contract.

      Thanks for visiting us at Best Glide ASE and we hope to hear from you soon.

      Best Glide ASE
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  • From Gys at 7/7/2013 11:16 AM
    • Thanks Brian, just one more, what is the difference between the 21st century and the first re-issue jackets.
    • Gys,

      The major differences are that the Reissue includes the snap down collar with the traditional hook and loop closure up near the top of the zipper. This version also does not include the side "hand warmer" pockets or the interior pocket. It does still include the "under flap" pockets on the front, but these are the only two pockets on the jacket. These were the original specs asked for by the U.S. Air Force/Army Air Corps.

      In my opinion, I like the 21st Century as it includes the side hand warmer pockets and the interior pocket. However, if you want the traditional A2 that was used up until 1987 or so, then the First Reissue would be the way to go. Both are Genuine U.S. Military Issue, one past and one current, and both are made in the USA.

      I hope this helps.

      Thanks again for visiting use at Best Glide ASE. We hope that we can be of further assistance. If you are ordering from outside North America, you can place an order by phone or by emailing or They will be happy to help you either way.

      Thanks again,

      Best Glide ASE
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  • From hubert at 12/1/2017 11:39 AM
    • Can you get the 21st a2 jacket in black and how much will it cost ?
    • Thank you for the question. The A2's that we sell are Military issue and only come in Brown.
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