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Questions on Mainstay 3600 Emergency Food Ration

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  • From Clifton A. Bode at 10/25/2018 3:25 PM
    • WHY ARE YOU ASHAMED TO SAY WHAT IT TASTES LIKE ? When advertising Food products, what is the Very First Thing that, You Specify ? Duh ? Is it not Flavor ?

      The main reason I ask it that, it is time for me to restock my supplies, and I got burned awhile back with some God awful stuff that was so called, apple cinnamon, it tastes awful. I do not want my last few days to spent dreading eating that garbage. So how about rewriting Your advertisement for Mainstay rations TO BE COMPLETE With a description of the flavor. I will be needing several cases right away, so I hope You do not take too long to decide, as I need to place an order pretty quick, and may have to move on.

      Thank You,
      Clifton A. Bode

    • Hello,

      I do apologize for the lack of information. I do see how this would be important when choosing the product. I will see if I can have this added to our description.

      I the mean time I can tell you from my experience of what it taste like. They have a slight lemon flavor to them. The texture is like a short bread cookie, meaning they are not super sweet like a regular cookie. My grand son loves them.

      I hope that this helps. Please let me know if I can assist you further.

      Thank you,
      Best Glide Customer Service
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