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Questions on VS17 Signal Panel Marker

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  • From Bob at 10/6/2012 2:14 PM
    • Is this the original VS-17 Signal Panel? I see you have two versions?
    • Bob,

      We appreciate your question.

      The way the Military Equipment System often works is that the government will "bid out" a project and include specific details regarding what they want made, to all that wish to bid on the project. Therefore, over the years, there have been many manufacturers of the VS-17/GVX Signal Panel, all using these "military specifications". However, some do differ either due to the specifications changing or, simply, no specification was made by the government therefore, the manufacturer at the time made his own choice regarding that one trait.

      What this provides us, even in the case of the VS-17 GVX Signal Panel, is numerous versions all with minor differences. The answer to your question is that this is not the original, which would have been issued many, many years ago around the time of WWII, I believe. However, it is a genuine Military Issue VS-17 Signal Panel that was purchased by the government during one of these many production runs from one of numerous manufacturers over the years.

      I would like to add that our own version, the Adventurer VS-17 Signal Panel, does not fall into this category. We do not manufacturer this item for the government and did not utilize all of their military specifications. We used lighter material, which we felt would be beneficial to backpackers and campers, but did utilize genuine U.S. Issue Parachute Cord as the tie downs, which the Military Version does not.

      The U.S. Government liked our version so much that they have started purchasing these when they cannot obtain the original.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Thank you,
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