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Questions on Military Surplus Entrenching Tool

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  • From JohnGV at 9/1/2014 11:52 PM
    • When will you be getting more new Ames military issue entrenching tools in ?
    • John,

      I am so sorry for the delay in responding to your question. We are out of the office last week doing something crazy, climbing Mount Whitney.

      We are about to place an order and I will make sure that we check to see if any of these are available right now. We are often at the mercy of what is available at the Government Auctions at the time, but we will most certainly check.

      Thanks for your question and again, I am sorry for the delay.

      Best Glide ASE
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  • From Ted at 10/7/2014 3:18 PM
    • I know John ^ asked this question last month but do you know if you will be getting any more of these entrenching tools in soon?
    • Ted,

      We apologize but these are pretty hard to get right now. However, what we have learned is that they sell in spurts. There could be another mass selling of these by the government auctions at any time. We are constantly checking and will purchase the next time we see some quality ones at a reasonable price that are available.

      I am sorry I could not give you a better answer, but much depends on when they become available again.

      Best Glide ASE
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  • From Ted at 10/14/2014 7:59 PM
    • will you guys be getting any of these in soon?
    • Sir,

      We are not sure. I know this is not a great answer. We are looking for these each time a government auction comes up. As soon as we can buy some, that are in good condition, at a reasonable price, we plan on getting more of these in route.

      I am sorry I cannot give a better time frame, but I can say that we recently looked but none were available at that time. The availability changes weekly and I can assure you, we are constantly checking in hopes of finding another good quality lot of them.

      Best Glide ASE
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  • From b at 12/22/2015 4:58 PM

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