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(2) Pack 32"x 16" - LOKSAK Element Proof Bags

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ALOKSAK Element Proof Bags

ALOKSAK provides technological solutions to the most common and important problems associated with storage, transport, and safekeeping. Our leak proof Aloksak bags offer unparalleled water-tightness in a resealable cost-effective bag.

Don't compare the ALOKSAK Element Proof Bag with a commercial grocery store type resealable bag. That is like comparing a diamond to a zirconia. The ALOKSAK is a very durable film and very difficult to puncture. They may look alike but that is where any comparison ends. Aloksak bags have a hermetic seal when closed.

Aloksak Element Proof Bags were Certified watertight to 200 feet after being tested and approved by the US Navy NEDU (Navy Experimental Dive Unit).

items dry under water to depths below 200 feet/60 meters for periods of years.

Soft-sided - Safe, shatterproof, quiet, holds oddly shaped objects.

Easy to use - Simple as using a typical zip-closure type bag, but the liquid tight protection of a hard case box . Other soft-sided systems require several steps to close and are not guaranteed to be air or liquid-tight.

Durable - The 6 mil. film of the ALOKSAK is on par with PVC of the same thickness in terms of durability, but has a lower cold-crack tolerance (minus 40 F.) than that of PVC / Vinyl (0 degrees F.).

What goes in an ALOKSAK - Anything that needs protection from the elements, for example: Wallets, Medications, Passports, Remote Keyless entry devices, Documents, Silver, Cell phones, Maps, Palm-Pilots, Books, Film, Food, Batteries, GPS, Jewelry, Clothing, items, Cash, Tapes, CDs. Find out about some of the more extreme uses for the ALOKSAK.

Great freezer bags!

Protect toiletries from spilling in travel bags.

Food or ice bags for coolers to protect food from melting ice.

Inflate them for a pillow cushion.

Most electronics can be used while protected in the ALOKSAK. No need to remove a cell phone to talk and if the bag drops, it floats!