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Military Wire Saw

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Adventurer Spiral Wire Military Saw

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The Spiral Wire Military Saw is heavy duty, military approved and issued version of the Spiral Pocket Wire Saw which has been used by the US Military for over 30 years.

The Adventurer Spiral Wire Military Saw can be easily included in survival and camping kits. This survival wire saw will cut just about anything including metals, plastics, ceramics, adhesives, rubber, wood and bone.

The Adventurer Spiral Wire Military Saw includes an extra blade and removable hardware for easy blade changing.


The Adventurer Spiral Wire Military Saw has been used by the U.S. Military for over 30 years. Originally developed by the USAF for a pilot survival kit, this saw meets the government specification NSN 5110-00-570-6896. The Spiral Military Wire Saw comes with sturdy steel removable end fittings with heavy duty rings and (2) 20" cutting wires. Each unit is packaged in a kraft envelope and comes with a spare blade.

Traditionally, Survival Wire Saws have utilized wire strands as the cutting surface. This resulted in a ”good” saw that could cut moderately well through wood, thin aluminum, and bone. The main issue with traditional wire saws is that there are inconsistencies with the way the wires are wrapped. The traditional wire saw does not present a consistent cutting surface and the wire has a tendency to “snag”. This can result in a broken wire, either in the strands where knots and smaller wires form a weak spot in the wire, or the connections to the rings or handles from the sudden shock to the wire when the wire snags.

This Military Survival Wire Saw should not be confused with numerous wire saws that call themselves "military wire saws". This is the real thing. This Spiral Wire Military Saw is "Official Military Issue", durable and ready for duty. The wire is much stronger than most saws available today, will cut longer and through just about anything. Because of its super heavy duty construction, the Spiral Wire Military Saw is larger than the Spiral Wire Pocket Saw or the Spiral Wire Camp Saw.


- Heavy Duty, Military Approved/Issued
- stainless steel spiral blade
- .050" wire thickness
- Appx. 20" long
- Most Durable/Advanced Adventurer Spiral Wire Saw
- Appx. 1.25" diameter heavy duty thumb rings
- Steel removable end fittings allow spiral blade changing
- Extra 20" Spiral Wire Saw Blade (included)
- Made in the USA

More about the Adventurer Spiral Wire Saw

The Adventurer Spiral Wire Survival Saw easily follows contours and allows tight and intricate cuts (including square and circular cuts) that are impossible to make with other saw blades. Spiral blades are easy to handle and do not readily cut human flesh, thus making them safer than other wire saws. To make the best use of this saw, it is recommended that the blade be held as straight as possible to cut. This allows the Spiral Saw blade the maximum amount of cutting surface and keeps the saw from “binding” in the cut groove.

The rings are made for you to place your thumbs in, as seen to the right. However, if extended use is anticipated, cutting is made easier by constructing a “bow” to string the Adventurer Spiral Survival Wire Saw in between. We also offer the Adventurer Spiral Wire Pocket Saw and Spiral Wire Camp Saw. Each is heavier duty than the previous, with the Spiral Wire Military Saw being the most heavy duty of the three. If you are looking for a heavy duty, effective wire saw, you won't find one better than the Adventurer Spiral Wire Military Saw, NSN 5110-00-570-6896.

The Adventurer Series Spiral Wire Survival Saw utilizes an entirely different blade in that it is “spiral” in design. Distributed by Best Glide ASE, this Survival Saw is more versatile and much safer than any flat blade, as the unique spiral design allows cutting in any direction. Made of stainless steel, all edges of the spiral blade in the Adventurer Spiral Wire Military Saw are cutting edges. This type of survival saw has been used by the U.S. Military for over 30 years.

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