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Survival Articles and Information

Best Glide ASE is proud to offer survival information and training articles and information. Our survival articles, from Best Glide ASE who is a premier supplier of high quality survival equipment, survival kits and survival gear, is offered by our staff, customers and friends in an effort to make everyone safer in a survival situation. We at Best Glide ASE hope that you will use this information as a starting point for your own survival research, survival study and survival training.

The articles and information here is not intended to be followed without personal research and verification by the reader. It is simply offered as "food for thought" regarding survival situations and information. The usage of the information contained is the sole responsibility of the reader and should not be taken as fact without independent verification.

If you have an original article to offer, that you feel could benefit the survival community, please see our article submission program at towards the bottom of our specials page.


Water Filtering and Purification
by S. Keener

Assembling the Right Wilderness Emergency Medical Kit
by Yvonne Edwards

Survival Knives 101
by J. Foster

Survival Fishing Kit Review
by Christopher Fisher

Survival Basics
by Russ Kolkman

Ultimate Survival Kit Saves Life
by Stephen H.

What Makes Good Survival Equipment?
by B. Greenlee

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