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Survival Tins, Boxes and Containers

Best Glide ASE offers a wide range of Survival Kit Bags, Survival Kit Tins, Survival Kit and Medical Kit Boxes and numerous other containers designed for survival, emergencies and even recreation.  The Adventurer Survival Kit Box is a prime example as a Survival Kit Box that lends itself to numerous other uses.

We also offer high quality tins, such as the New Adventurer Gear Box, the Personal Survival Kit Tin, the Small Survival Kit Tin, the Adventurer Survival Kit Box, Sigg Aluminum Survival Kit Box and many others.  Check back with us soon as we have more styles of Survival and Medical Kit Containers on the way.

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  1. Survival Kit Tin

    br/>The Survival Kit Tin is a perfect container for a small or personal survival kit. It also lends itself to being a perfect container for a small first aid or fishing kit.

    This small metal tin is the same one use in our Military Issue Milit Learn More

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  2. Small Survival Kit Tin

    br>The Small Survival Kit Tin is a perfect size for your personal survival kit, small first aid or emergency fishing kit. Many use this to compartmentalize their kits when they have small kit items to store in a durable container. Our Small Survival Kit Tin comes with Learn More
  3. Adventurer Survival Kit Box

    The Adventurer Survival Kit Box, part of the Best Glide Adventurer Series of Survival Equipment, is ideal for all of your outdoor needs. Because it is made of heavy duty aluminum with a leak resistant inside rubber seal and positive locking roller clasps, Learn More
  4. Adventurer Mini Gear Box

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $8.95

    br/>The Adventurer Mini Gear Box is the perfect size for a small survival kit, fishing kit, medical kit or just to store your small items in. Because of its small size, the Mini Gear Box fits great in a coat pocket, backpack or even glove compartment.
    Learn More
  5. Personal Survival Kit Holder

    The Personal Survival Kit (PSK) Holder is a no nonsense, durable and inexpensive accessory for any small survival, first aid or survival fishing kit to include: the Adventurer and Military Scout Pocket Survival Kit, the Best Glide Standard Emergency Survi Learn More
  6. MTM Survivor Dry Boxes (choose Size & Color)

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $9.45

    he Survivor Dry Boxes by MTM are all-weather dry boxes that offer excellent protection from extreme conditions for gear. The Tongue & Groove construction uses an O-Ring for water-resistant dry storage. These boxes are made of rugged construction that will float. They ha Learn More

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