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Clothing and Wearables

Survival Cloting and Wearables is one of the most often overlooked survival categories.  In a survival or emergency situation, a priority is the here and now.  At the top of the list of things that can harm you quickly is the lack of warmth.  Always remember, when planning for the unexpected, bring that clothing that will keep you warm. One of the greatest causes of death in a survival or emergency situation is not the lack of food, but freezing or exposure to the elements. Be sure to throw in that extra jacket or shirt, even when you are sure you will not need itSurvival is planning.  Plan appropriately.

Cockpit A2 Flight Jackets 

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  1. Pilot's Silk Flying Scarf - Cockpit

    br>In the Pilot's Silk Flying Scarf, Cockpit has recreated a 6' long by 11" wide, 100% Silk Aviator Scarf that makes the perfect accessory to any flight jacket. The Pilot's Silk Flying Scarf not only serves as a way to keep warm, but also is great for keeping th Learn More

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  2. Military Shemagh

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    br>The Shemagh, also known as a keffiyeh, is classic desert head wear and is a versatile Middle Eastern head scarf popular with regular and special forces. The Shemagh, as it is commonly called, provides protection from sun, sand and wind.

    The Shemagh can be wo Learn More

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  3. NAVY Issue Mil Spec Type G1 Jacket - Cockpit

    br>This NAVY G-1 Leather Aviator Jacket, made of 100% Mil Spec goatskin, follows the current Mil Spec US Navy pattern which Cockpit supplied to the Navy and Coast Guard units. The Cockpit Navy G1 Aviator Jacket includes a wool shearling mouton fur collar like Learn More
  4. All Cotton 100 Mission A2 Flight Jacket - Cockpit

    br>The Cockpit first introduced the 100 Mission All Cotton A-2 Flight Jacket in 1986 for those who want the look of the original, but desire a lighter weight than the Leather A-2 Aviator Jacket for all season wear. Durable quality, stylish features and best of all, aff Learn More
  5. USAF First Reissue A-2 Since 1943 Jacket - Cockpit

    br>The First Reissue Since 1943 Leather A-2 Flight Jacket is made of 100% goatskin and is made according to U.S.A.F. specifications dating to 1987 when the US Air Force first reissued the leather A-2 jacket to update the older WWII specifications. Cockpit USA is the of Learn More
  6. Official USAF 21st Century A2 Flight Jacket - Cockpit USA

    br>The Official USAF A2 Flight Jacket now offers a host of new features which do not detract from its authentic appearance, but provide the user with modern day conveniences. Because this is the real thing, The Official USAF A2 Flight Jacket, it is proudly made in the U. Learn More
  7. Fleece Cool Weather Cap

    p>This inexpensive Fleece Cool Weather Hat is similar to name brand caps that sell in excess of $15 each. Our version comes in black, gray, forest green, red and pink. Made from 100% polyester, this fleece cap is simple, inexpensive and light weight.
    Learn More

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