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Cockpit A2 and G1 Flight Jackets

Cockpit USA Flight Jackets is the prime and only USAF government contractor for Air Force A-2 Issue Flight Jackets.  Cockpit also offers the First Reissue A-2 Flight Jacket made according to USAF specifications dating to 1987 when the US Air Force reissued the Leather A-2 Flight Jacket to update the older WWII specifications.

The Cockpit USA Navy G-1 Aviator Jacket follows the current Military Specification US Navy pattern which Cockpit supplies to the Navy and Coast Guard units. This version includes a genuine silky lambs wool shearling mouton fur collar like the WWII era jackets.  Cockpit also offers the All Cotton A-2 100 Mission Jacket introduced in 1986 for those who want the look of the original, but lighter weight than leather for all season wear.

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