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Electronics and Comm

Survival Electronics and Communication Gear provides that extra step which can be the difference between surviving and not surviving.  Though a late comer to the survival equipment selection available today, Survival Electronics and Communication can be quite valuable in a survival situation. As an example, we have always been told that a good weather radio is a must during bad weather which can cause emergency situations. But these days, with the potential of other serious incidents occurring, it is definitely a good idea to have a radio that does not rely on outside power handy.

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  1. Eton FRX1 Emergency Radio

    br/>For portable preparedness, take along the FRX1, a self-powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather band radio. Crank the hand turbine for 60 seconds and get 15-20 minutes of music, news, and 24/7 weather updates. The bright LED flashlight is handy to have in the glove co Learn More

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  2. Eton Scorpion Emergency Radio

    br/>The Eton Scorpion All Purpose Radio is a flashlight, radio, cell phone charger and bottle opener, all in one. It is great for hiking, camping and yes, even in a survival situation.

    In a survival situation, a radio is a basic necessity.  Be sure to have one Learn More

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  3. Eton FRX3 Emergency Radio

    br/>The Eton FRX3 Emergency Radio is favorite among those that wish to prepare for a natural disaster.

    This all-purpose, rechargeable weather alert radio with a solar panel and hand turbine power generator will keep you in the know, on alert, and we Learn More

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