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Lights and Illumination

Survival Lights and Illumination, especially in a survival or emergency, can be a life saver. Flashlights and light sticks are great signaling devices, but they also provide an extra layer of safety if having to move around in the dark. Also, most tasks can be achieved in low light, but in the case of smaller tasks like removing debris from a wound or taking a closer look at a survival manual (you should have one of these by the way), a light is a must have item. Don’t worry about getting fancy with a flashlight. Make sure it is durable, reliable and has a long battery life. If the light comes on every time and will stay on for a long time, it is a good survival light.

Pak-Lite LED FlashlightCyalume Light Sticks

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  1. Inova Microlight LED Flashlight

    b>The Inova Microlight LED Flashlight, as stated by Inova, is the Smallest, Brightest Light Anywhere! Durability, precision engineering and advanced technology are not commonly associated with micro flashlights, but the INOVA LED Microlight has them all in abundance. Learn More
  2. Photon Freedom Micro Light LED - LRI Industries

    he Freedom Photon Micro Light has innovative full range adjustable brightness. Unlike other micro lights, the Freedom micro light has adjustable intensity with the simple press of a button. An additional "signaling" mode can be accessed on the Photon Freedom Micro Light by Learn More
  3. X Light Micro LED Light

    br>The X-Light Micro Light is our lowest priced feature packed personal flashlight. The Photon X Light Micro Light, like the Photon Freedom Micro Light, has innovative full range adjustable brightness. Unlike other micro lights, the X-Light Micro Light has adjustable i Learn More
  4. Personnel Marker Light - Cyalume

    br>NSN 626-01-086-8077 Government Approved The Cyalume Personnel Marker Light (PML) produces 360 degrees of light, is easy to use, nontoxic and is waterproof. It is a perfect emergency locator as it is also lightweight, child friendly and floatable. The Cyalume Per Learn More

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  5. Cyalume SOS Survival Signal and Light

    br>Ideally used as a signaling device, the SOS Survival Signal and Light is perfect for rescue and outdoor safety operations. The lightweight SOS Survival Light Stick has a protective plastic outer casing that remains attached by a 30" lanyard and acts as a handle. Mili Learn More
  6. Cyalume Light Stick - 12HR (Multiple Colors)

    br>NSN 6260-01-074-4229 (Green), NSN 6260-01-178-5559 (Red), NSN 6260-01-196-0136 (Yellow)
    Government Approved
    The 12 HOUR ChemLight, or Chemical Light Stick, produces a light for 12 hours. It is often used for lighting a small area, for a long time. The Learn More
  7. Cyalume Light Stick - 30 MIN YELLOW Chemlight

    br>NSN 6260-01-074-4230 Government Approved The High Intensity 30 Min Yellow ChemLight, or Chemical Light Stick, produces a bright light for 30 minutes. It is often used as a signaling device to either pinpoint a location or for emergency signaling. The 30 Min Learn More
  8. Cyalume Light Stick - 5 MIN ORANGE Chemlight

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    br>NSN 6260-01-247-0363 Government Approved The Ultra High Intensity 5 Min Orange ChemLight, or Chemical Light Stick, produces a very bright light for 5 minutes. It is often used as a signaling device to either pinpoint a location or for emergency signaling. T Learn More

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  9. Pak Lite SUPER White LED Flashlight

    br>The Pak-Lite SUPER LED Flashlight has 2 bright white LED's that are up to 2x brighter than the original white LED's in the Pak Lites. This Pak Lite also comes with high/low/off mode and a 9v battery. We offer the Pak Lite Super White LED Flashlight in the most pop Learn More
  10. Pak Lite Pilot LED Flashlight

    br>Used in the United States Air Force Survival Kits, the Pak-Lite Pilot 9v LED Lite features White and Red illumination modes. Combine this little gadget with the power of a Lithium 9V battery and you'll find yourself with light for over 80+ hours. See our other Pak Li Learn More
  11. Pak Lite Accessory Kit

    The Pak Lite Accessory Kit
    includes the most popular compliments to your high quality Pak Lite 9v LED Flashlight. We also offer a wide range of Pak Lite 9V Led Flashlights. The Pak Lite is an innovative light that snaps onto the top of a simple 9v battery. Learn More

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