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Food Prep and Storage

Emergency Food and Water Preparation and Storage is a wide selection of items that includes storing emergency food, storing water, preparing food and preparing water.  As one would imagine, in a survival situation you likely will not have running water, therefore, you will have to find drinkable water. This must be treated if you are unsure of its potability. To drink contaminated water would make a difficult emergency situation much more difficult, if not impossible. The same thing applies to survival or emergency food, though one can go without food in an survival situation much longer than without water.

Military Issue Canteen and CupEsbit Survival StoveSurvival Food Storage Tins

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  1. Micropur Water Purification Tablets - Katadyn

    The Micropur MP1 Water Purification Tablets provide fresh drinking water and are effective against viruses, bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. This is the larger 30 tablet version. Unlike the older, less effective tablets, Micropur MP 1 Water Purification Learn More
  2. Frontier Emergency Water Filter

    he Frontier Emergency Water Filter System is ideal for hiking, travel, emergency preparedness and is the perfect addition to your 72 hour emergency kit. One Aquamira Frontier Water Filter will filter up to 20 gallons of water and is tested and certified to remove more Learn More
  3. Frontier Pro Emergency Water Filter - Military Version

    his is the Military Version of the Frontier Pro Water Filter System. The Frontier Pro Water Filter boasts more than double the capacity of the original Frontier Filter without doubling the size. The ultra-light (2oz. dry) and compact (1 1/4" OD x 5 1/2") design is less Learn More
  4. Stainless Steel Sierra Cup

    br>The Sierra Cup is an old favorite with campers, hikers and adventurers alike. The Stainless Steel Sierra Cup's heavy duty construction makes the Sierra Cup durable and extremely versatile. The stay cool rim allows you to heat food or even cook in it. The uses are man Learn More
  5. U.S. SHELBY CO. Military Style P-38 Can Opener

    The P-38 Military Style Can Opener is known by some as the “Army’s Greatest Invention”. Our P-38 Can Openers are new, not surplus. They are stamped from steel. A P-38 Military Can Opener will work on any size can rim. When the power is out or your electric can Learn More
  6. U.S. SHELBY CO. P-51 Military Style Can Opener

    br>The P-51 Military Style Can Opener is the larger version of the P-38 Military Style Can Opener and was often used by mess hall cooks to open the big trays and large cans of chow. The P-51 is a full 2" long. The added length affords more leverage and doesn't require Learn More
  7. Adventurer Survival Kit Box

    The Adventurer Survival Kit Box, part of the Best Glide Adventurer Series of Survival Equipment, is ideal for all of your outdoor needs. Because it is made of heavy duty aluminum with a leak resistant inside rubber seal and positive locking roller clasps, Learn More
  8. Military Gel Fuel

    br/>MilPack Gel Fuel has been approved by the Defense Logistics Agency as the new, improved replacement for the old Trioxane Fuel Bars used by the United States Military for years. MilPack Gel Fuel is a great fuel for cooking, for your survival stove, as a fire starter or Learn More
  9. Esbit Survival Stove Solid Fuel (12 pieces of 14 Gram)

    br>NSN 9110-99-220-4060 NATO Approved Each Esbit Solid Fuel Tablet, which cannot self ignite, provides intense heat for cooking or emergency warmth. Because it is practically odorless and non-toxic, it can be used within an enclosed area. Includes 12 piec Learn More
  10. Esbit Emergency Stove (Incl: 3 pieces of 14 gram fuel)

    br>The Esbit Emergency Stove, or Esbit fold flat stove, is more for emergency use or survival applications than camping or hiking. The Esbit Emergency Stove is perfect for just about any survival kit as it comes flat with three of the large Esbit Fuel Cubes. Esbit as be Learn More
  11. Esbit 4 Gram Solid Fuel Cubes (20 piece)

    br>The Esbit 4 Gram Fuel Cube, like the Large Esbit Fuel Cubes, are a perfect fire starter or source of quick heat. Esbit Fuel Tabs are safe and cannot self ignite. The 4 Gram Esbit Fuel Cube burns with intense heat for approximately 5 minutes. We recommend these tab Learn More

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  12. Esbit Stove and Cookset

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $27.55

    br>The Esbit Stove and Cookset is relatively new to the Esbit Stove line. The Esbit Stove and Cookset is constructed from hard, anodized aluminum and includes a 19.8 fl. oz pot, lid and windshield stove unit. The Esbit Pocket Stove, another high quality stove from Esbit Learn More
  13. Esbit Pocket Stove and Solid Fuel Tabs (Incl: 6 pieces of 14 Gram)

    br>NSN 7310-99-708-8451 NATO Approved The Esbit Solid Fuel Stove has been around for decades. It has been used extensively by the German and various other European armies since WW II. The Esbit Stove folds to 3" x 4" x 3/4" thus allowing it to be stored virtually any Learn More
  14. PyroPac Gel Fuel and Fire Starter

    b>PyroPac Gel Fuel is identical to MilPack Gel Fuel, except for the packaging. The PyroPac packaging is a different color and does not include the National Stock Number as the Military Version does. PyroPac, because of the lack of special military packaging, is less Learn More
  15. Military Surplus Canteen Cover

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $5.95

    As low as: $2.95
    This is a Genuine Issue US Military Surplus Canteen Cover. Made in the USA and designed to fit on the 1 QT Military Issue Canteen, this military canteen cover is a canteen cover issued to U.S. Military Troops.

    The Official Issue Military C Learn More
  16. Zulu Survival Bag

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Special Price $24.95

    br/>The Zulu Survival Bag was designed to carry a Military Issue Canteen, Canteen Cup Stove, Canteen Cup and lid all in one convenient location. However, it turns out it is a perfect small survival kit or medical kit bag. Durable and Made in the USA, this bag is ver Learn More
  17. Canteen Cup Stove CIV

    br>The Canteen Cup Stove is made in the USA and designed to fit onto the US Issue Canteen Cup. This Canteen Cup Stove is not military issue, but is actually made to higher standards. It is heavier duty and redesigned to be more versatile. Made in the USA! Learn More

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  18. Genuine US Military Issue Canteen

    b>(Green) Military Issue NSN 8465-00-889-3744 This is the Genuine Issue Military Canteen. Made in the USA and designed to carry up to 1 QT, this canteen is the canteen issued to U.S. Military Troops. It is also offered in Non Military Issue Black. The Genuine I Learn More
  19. Military Surplus Canteen Cup

    br/>Military Issue
    NSN 8465-00-165-6838

    This is a Genuine Issue US Military Canteen Cup. Made in the USA and designed to fit on the 1 QT Military Issue Canteen, this canteen cup is the canteen cup issued to U.S. Military Troops Learn More

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  20. Solo Stove Survival Camping Stove

    The Solo Stove Survival and Camping Stove
    is the ultimate backpacking and survival stove. It is a lightweight, compact, efficient eco-friendly wood burning stove that incorporates a secondary combustion for a more complete, efficient and cleaner burn. The Learn More
  21. M2A1 Ammo Can

    Regular Price: $15.95

    Special Price $9.95

    As low as: $5.95
    br/>The Military Surplus M2A1 Ammo Can is also known as a 50 Cal Ammo Can, though this is a generic term which refers to the size of the can. In actuality, numerous calibers of ammunition could have been stored in these cans.

    These Ammo Cans are good Learn More

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  22. Sawyer MINI Water Filter System

    br/>Sawyer's most popular water filter just got smaller and lighter. The Sawyer Mini Water Filter weighs just 2 ounces and filters up to 100,000 gallons! What’s special about Sawyer Water filters is they filter to 0.1 micron absolute, exceeding EPA and NSF recommendations. Learn More
  23. MTM Survivor Dry Boxes (choose Size & Color)

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $9.45

    he Survivor Dry Boxes by MTM are all-weather dry boxes that offer excellent protection from extreme conditions for gear. The Tongue & Groove construction uses an O-Ring for water-resistant dry storage. These boxes are made of rugged construction that will float. They ha Learn More
  24. Titanium Utility Spork with Tether by UCO

    he UCO Titanium Utility Spork with Tether is made with: Lightweight ultra-durable Titanium. Serrated edge on fork tine ideal for cutting. Attachment points and reusable tether work together to attach the spork to a pack or hang it up to dry. Stackable design to group Learn More
  25. 4 Piece Mess Kit with Bowl, Plate, & 3-in-1 Sport (Venture Color) by UCO

    ade from ultra-durable materials, the UCO Mess Kit was made to bang around in your rucksack on weekends and still be in great shape for your work week lunches. Set this mess kit anywhere because rubberized grips on the base of the lid and bowl ensure it will stay put. The lid and Learn More

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