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U.S Military Canteen, Cups and Accessories

The U.S. Military Canteen, Cups and Accessories Category reflects that the U.S. Military demands the best when it comes to outfitting its soldiers. There are some items that are so high quality that they have not notably changed in years.  Some items commonly included here are the U.S. Military Canteen (8465-00-889-3744), U.S. Military Canteen Cover (8465-00-860-0266), U.S. Military Canteen Cup (8465-00-165-6838) and the U.S. Military Canteen Cup Stove or CIV.  The US Integral Survival Unit includes many of the above items to make a great, all in one, survival unit.

We also offer several accessories such as fuel for your stove or US Integral Survival Unit and our famous Zulu Bag, designed to fit the Integral Survival Unit with room to spare.  We are adding more accessories as we discover them. However, we are restricting our search to high quality in every case. You will find that most, if not all, are Genuine Military Issue and/or Made in the USA!

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