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MRE Star Meals Ready to Eat

MRE STAR MRE meals are supplied to many international, national and local governmental agencies as well as private organizations, charitable organizations and individuals around the world. MRE STAR brand MRE meals are in use today, across the globe; feeding armies, emergency personnel, gas and oil workers, refugees, outdoor enthusiasts, and many more.  MRE meals are easy to store, easy to open, and nothing needs to be added. Each MRE pack is a complete 1,100 to 1,300 calorie meal that can be used for recreation such as camping, hiking, hunting or hurricane survival and disaster preparation.

Because we store our MRE Complete Meals in a climate controlled area, we are able to provide between a 40 month and 60 month storage life. Most companies store there MREs in a hot warehouse, hoping that their MREs sell soon. We are also able to keep our manufacture dates fresh as we also have a retail outlet where we increase turnover of MREs, instead of them sitting on a shelf for a long time before being sold.

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