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Pro Knot Knot Tying Cards

Pro Knot Cards - Knot Tying Reference Cards

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Great Knot reference cards! Review by Mike Sierra
If you are looking for a well made guide for 20 useful knots, you found it!

Lets talk about the cards:
They are 3.5in wide and 2.25 inches tall. A little larger than a credit card.
The pictures are well labeled, and they tell you what the knot is best used for.
They can bend more easily than a credit card, a few times stiffer than playing cards. They dont bend so easily that you risk damaging the cards.
If you look at your sectional plotter, you will see that one side has ink raised on the surface and the other side is smooth. These cards are like the latter. The ink is coated, for lack of a better term. Simply, the ink wont wear off from rubbing or scratches.
A few cards have only one knot depicted, while others have 2 depicted. Each knot has information regarding how to tie step by step, and text describing best usage.
The rivet is brass, and the cards turn with just the right amount of friction. If i rotate one card, it wont just slide back in the way. it stays put. It isnt a bear to move them either.
Just in case the rivet fails (which it shouldn't, but with abuse it might) i put a paracord loop through and made a lanyard knot.

Durability is very high. They should last you a long time.
The last place you want to waste your cordage is in a survival situation. These cards will give you some basic knots that may in fact save your life. (learn how to tie the bowline with one hand around your waist)
The price can't be beat. If can't hurt to throw this in your E-bag. It weighs almost nothing.
Quality is superb. Firm yet bendable plastic. The brass rivet seems failure prone, but a paracord loop solves any problems should they arise. It's a quality rivet too, they didnt cheap out!
Value is very high! If they charged 10 dollars for these cards it would still be a great bang for your buck!
Ease of use is well, easy. I have had no problems figuring out how to tie any of the knots.

I will close this review by saying, these cards are well worth buying. Get them as gifts for your children or relatives! They are great references. 20 knots cover most, if not all of what you'll need in a survival situation (maybe. it's better to know a knot and not need it, than to need it and not know it). Just don't limit yourself to these cards. Learn more about knots, but knot books, and learn how to tie knots like the bowline quickly (it may save your life!). Figure out which ones to use for your personal needs. (camping, fishing, housework, etc.) I find myself using knots in these cards all the time in my day to day activities! (Posted on December 5, 2015)
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