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Emergency Ration Pack

Emergency Ration Packs

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Emergency Ration Pack - Advanced

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Emergency Ration Pack - Basic

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The possibilities are endless. Review by R.A.
When I rec’d the package, I was immediately impressed with the size and weight. The heavy ziplock bag is roughly the same size as a standard MRE. The package can easily fit in a small pack or under the seat of a vehicle and not cause any problems. This is a very nice assortment of items for the cost of the kit. All of the basics are covered nicely in the “Advanced” version of the package.

As you can see, there are many great products in the pouch. Calorie wise, you are looking at a over 2k if you count all of the items. Nice little supplement and inexpensive insurance! You have an assortment of sweets, a ration bar, high calories peanut disc, a small first aid kit, small survival kit, whistle, etc…this is a lot of “bang for the buck”.

I will be making use of this kit in my vehicle and will be giving some as gifts this season. Guys at work were checking it out and were very impressed with the item. I heard some talking about using them in their hunting kits, others for the wife in the winter vehicle preps…the possibilities are endless. (Posted on November 4, 2012)
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What a great Hurricane Survival Kit! Review by Steve J.
This kit has everything for short term survival. It has food, survival gear and tiems to "lift the spirits" which is very valuable in a survival situation. Best of all, it has a 5 year shelf life on the food and an indefinite shelf life on most of the other contatined items. I bought one for each car! (Posted on July 10, 2012)
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