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Adventurer Survival Kits

Adventurer Series Survival Kits differ from most other survival kit brands in several ways. First, all of our Adventurer Series Survival Kits are assembled right here in the USA.  Next, because our kits are assembled, by us, right in our shop in Robinson, Texas, there is no problem for you or your organization when it comes time to replenish your kits.

Next, our Adventurer Series Survival Kits contain high quality items. We do not include low grade or low quality items in our survival kits. Because of this, many included survival kit items are made in the USA, are U.S. Military approved, U.S. Military issue, NATO approved, U.S. Government approved, U.S. Government issued and/or items tested under years of real life use.  With more Adventurer Series Survival Kits on the way, we offer choices of the "best of the best" compact survival kits available on the market today.

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