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Military and Government Survival Kits

Military Issue Survival Kits are our specialty.  The U.S. Soldier is one of the best trained, highly motivated and versatile solder in the world. We highly support our troops and government employees whose job it is to get the job done.  It is with these guiding principles that we are proud to offer a number of Military Issue and Approved Survival Kits to aid them in the struggles they undertake on a daily basis.

The Military Issue Survival Kits we manufacture specifically for combat, training and deployment are produced with several prominent traits in mind:  The kit must be be capable of saving lives, the survival kit must be durable and stand the wear and tear of a combat environment, it must remain relatively inexpensive and it must be of a size, shape and weight suitable to the task at hand.  If any one of these features falls short, a survival kit will likely never make it to the hands of our soldiers.

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