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Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kits playing fields are often located far from the modern amenities that we take for granted: electricity, telephones, running water, and ready access to professional medical help. Consequently, the need to be self-sufficient in the outdoors is essential, especially during an emergency when assistance from rescue teams may be hours or days away.

Adventure Medical Kits is dedicated to bringing you the most innovative products which will keep you safe in the outdoors. An adventurous spirit loves to explore. We hope that Adventure Medical Kits help you enjoy those experiences and keep you coming back for more. We offer numerous Adventure Medical Kits products both for survival and the treatment of medical emergencies in the wild and at home.

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  1. Comprehensive Medical Kit - Adventure Medical

    br>The Adventure Medical Comprehensive Medical Kit is our most fully stocked emergency medical kit. Its popularity, and usability, stems from its fully stocked inventory, organized design, and affordable price. The Comprehensive Medical Kit is situated at the to Learn More

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  2. Fundamentals Medical Kit - Adventure Medical

    he Fundamentals™ Kit is our most popular first-aid kit for backpackers. Its popularity stems from its powerful component package, lightweight, organized design, and affordable price. Be sure to take a look at our expanded line of Adventure Medical Kits for all of your medica Learn More

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  3. QuikClot® Advanced Clotting Gauze 3" x 24" (2)

    b>Stop Bleeding Fast Control bleeding with QuikClot®, the hemostatic gauze that works on contact with blood to stop bleeding five times faster. The gauze is impregnated with kaolin, a naturally occurring mineral that accelerates your body’s natural clotting process. Learn More
  4. QuikClot® Advanced Clotting Sponge (25g)

    b>Stop Bleeding Fast Control bleeding with the hemostatic sponge that works on contact to accelerate your body’s natural clotting process, clotting blood three times faster. The sponge contains zeolite, an inorganic mineral which works quickly to induce clotting by removin Learn More

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  5. Weekender Medical Kit - Adventure Medical

    br>The Adventure Medical Kits Weekender First Aid Kit is perfect for any aviator or adventurer that wants something smaller, lighter and less comprehensive than the AMK Fundamentals Kit but does not want to sacrifice quality. The Adventure Medical Kits Weekender Med Learn More
  6. Ultralight and Watertight .5 Medical Kit - Adventure Medical

    br>The AMK Ultralight and Watertight .5 is one of the most basic water proof medical kits we carry. It includes numerous supplies for minor and inconvenient injuries, thus keeping you going. Carry this compact kit on one or two day solo trips when you want an ultra light, Learn More

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  7. Ultralight and Watertight .7 Medical Kit - Adventure Medical

    br>The Ultralight and Watertight .7 Medical Kit is designed as a minimum ultra lightweight kit for two people. Its components weigh less than 9 ounces, yet still include the most essential first aid supplies. The AMK .7 is a great kit for the multi-sport enthusiast looking Learn More

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  8. Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy - Adventure Medical

    Introducing the SOL Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy! Whether it’s a hurricane, a snowstorm or an avalanche, you have to be prepared that things can and will go wrong and that when they do, help may be hours or even days away. The Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergen Learn More
  9. SOL Thermal Bivvy - Adventure Medical

    b>The Adventure Medical Kits SOL Thermal Bivvy, multi-functional, year round bivvy sack is ideal as a light weight replacement for your sleeping bag when temperatures are above 50F/9C and an excellent emergency survival shelter for winter time activities. The AMK SOL Ther Learn More
  10. Heatsheet® Two Person Survival Blanket - Adventure Medical

    br>The Heatsheet Two Person Survival Emergency Blanket is the next generation of emergency blankets. The Heatsheet is 20% larger than competitive products which make the Heatsheet emergency blanket big enough for two people. The Heatsheet Survival Blanket is bright oran Learn More

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