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Folding Survival Saw

Folding Survival Saw - Derma Safe

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Almost as good as the Derma-Safe knife Review by FC
Having spent 10 years with a highend american tool company, I learnt a few things about saws. This saw is (exactly) similar to a reciprocating air saw blade, the smallest kind. The blade is about 2.5" in lenght, and is an "18tpi" blade, meaning there are 18 teeth-per-inch, an ideal for wood or rough cuts (fine plastic or steel cuts are easier with 24 or 32 tpi blades, but will cut with an 18tpi - 12tpi is also available direct from the factory and only by the case of 100). The blades are high quality swiss steel made by Bosch (a subsidiary, actually) in St Niklaus, Switzerland, high in the alps. Every supply arrives by train, and every blade leaves by train - straight through the mountain tunnels. The BEST saw blades on Earth come from this plant, and this plant sells more tool grade saw blades than any other globally. It has operated continuously since 1940 in St Niklaus.

In short; great tool, great blade. Not chinese junk. I highly recommend one for anyone who goes backcountry camping. At less than 8 grams you will not find a lighter, better saw on the market at any price. And for another 2$, add the derma-safe razor. It is everybit as awesome as the saw and then some. (Posted on June 2, 2014)
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Amazing Saw Review by Bill
For starters, this saw is tiny. It is not as big as the picture on the web page. It is so small you can carry it all the time, even with another pocket knife.

It is not wimpy though. The handle is some type of ABS plastic that gives you a secure hold on the blade. I played around with it and it will cut everything the website says, plus straps.

I rounded the edges on the back side a little so I can jamb it in next to skin to cut straps in a rescue situation, which fortunately I have never had to do. But I am better prepared for it with this little thing.

The blade doesn't lock so it is best used as a pull type saw although it cuts either way.

Buy a half a dozen at this price and give some to your friends. (Posted on December 18, 2012)
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