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Randall Adventure Training / ESEE Knives

Randall's Adventure Training / ESEE Knives has provided the necessary gear and training to survive some of the most remote locales on earth, whether it is interdicting drug traffickers in Colombia, building aid stations in remote parts of Africa or simply surviving the local back-country, Randall's Adventure Training and ESEE Knives are there.  Randall's Adventure Training trains, and provides high quality ESEE Knives, to law enforcement officers, SAR personnel, NGOs, agents, and outdoors-men in critical skill sets, including land navigation, wilderness survival, improvised wilderness medical techniques, man tracking and other life-saving skills.

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  1. ESEE 4 Survival and Tactical Knife

    Starting at: $103.95

    The folks behind ESEE ® Knives, who make the ESEE 4 Survival Craft and Tactical Knife, are realists that have used knives in just about every environment around the world. The Randall ESEE 4 Knife is made from 1095 High Carbon Steel, a top choice for Learn More

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  2. ESEE IZULA Arrowhead Wallet

    br/>The Izula Arrowhead Wallet includes two tactical and survival arrowheads made of Carbon Steel. They are perfect for fashioning an arrow or spear that can be used for obtaining food, self defense, building shelter and a number of survival related tasks that can help you stay Learn More

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