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Woodman's Pal Tool - Pro Tool Industries

The Woodman’s Pal Tool, first designed in 1941, has been included in military and civilian survival kits ever since. Originally called the LC-14-B by the U.S. military, the Woodman's Pal Tool by Pro Tool Industries is now referred to as "Survival Tool Type IV". The U.S. Army even commissioned a booklet called "Fighting with the Woodman’s Pal" to instruct soldiers on the method of it’s use in hand to hand combat.

Whatever you call it, the Woodman's Pal Tool is a tough, no nonsense piece of essential survival gear. The Woodmans Pal is made of specially annealed 1/8" thick steel. The Woodmans Pal Tool is then hardened to Rockwell C-47 and has a resin bonded fluorocarbon coating to prevent corrosion.

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