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Warmth and Shelter

The Survival Warmth and Shelter Equipment Category, provides you a wide range of items designed to protect you from exposure and provide heat in both a survival and recreational situation.  These include items from the tried and true Esbit Pocket Stove line to the Adventurer Series Pocket Survival Candle.  Of course, our ever popular Adventurer Survival Fire Starter and NATO Survival Matches are always present in this stellar lineup.

You will find that when it comes to shelter, you may also find protection from exposure in our Military Surplus Survival Gear and Medical and Protection Categories.  This is a very important category if you are preparing for an emergency as exposure is one of the leading causes of fatalities in a survival situation.  You can go days without water and weeks without food, but one night of extreme exposure is hard to overcome.

Windmill Stormproof LightersEsbit Survival StoveBeeswax Survival Candles

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  1. Thermal Bivvy by Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL)

    b>The SOL Thermal Bivvy by Adventure Medical Kits is a multi-functional, year round bivvy sack. It is ideal as a light weight replacement for your sleeping bag when temperatures are above 50F/9C and an excellent emergency survival shelter for winter time activities. The A Learn More
  2. Heatsheet® Two Person Survival Blanket by Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL)

    br>The Heatsheet Two Person Survival Emergency Blanket is the next generation of emergency blankets. The Heatsheet is 20% larger than competitive products which make the Heatsheet emergency blanket big enough for two people. The Heatsheet Survival Blanket is bright oran Learn More
  3. Emergency Bivvy by Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL)

    ntroducing the SOL Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy! Whether it’s a hurricane, a snowstorm or an avalanche, you have to be prepared that things can and will go wrong and that when they do, help may be hours or even days away. The Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Emergency Learn More
  4. Space Brand Emergency Blanket - Grabber

    br>The Space Brand Emergency Blanket can be used as ground cover, an emergency shelter, a solar still, sleeping bag liner, emergency snow/sun glasses and in many other ways. We offer the, Made in the USA, Space Brand Emergency Blanket in orange and silver, a comb Learn More
  5. Space Brand All Weather Blanket

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price $17.95

    br>The Blaze Orange Space Brand All Weather Blanket retains up to 80% of radiated body heat. Due to this blanket’s construction, it can be used multiple times. This 60"x 84" blanket is very durable and has reinforced corners, grommets and a 1" vinyl binding around the Learn More

    Out of stock

  6. Small Beeswax Survival Candles

    Starting at: $1.25

    b>Beeswax Survival Candles are great emergency and survival candles. Made from natural beeswax, and made in the USA, these candles burn longer than normal candles. A survival candle is not just for light and heat, in extreme conditions, it may be your best bet at starting Learn More
  7. Adventurer Pocket Survival Candle

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $8.95

    br/>The Adventurer Pocket Survival Candle is the latest in life saving survival warmth. The Adventurer Pocket Survival Beeswax Candle utilizes three wicks so the user can decide how much heat and burn time is needed. We were looking for an all natural, Learn More
  8. Esbit 4 Gram Solid Fuel Cubes (20 piece)

    br>The Esbit 4 Gram Fuel Cube, like the Large Esbit Fuel Cubes, are a perfect fire starter or source of quick heat. Esbit Fuel Tabs are safe and cannot self ignite. The 4 Gram Esbit Fuel Cube burns with intense heat for approximately 5 minutes. We recommend these tab Learn More
  9. Esbit Emergency Stove (Incl: 3 pieces of 14 gram fuel)

    br>The Esbit Emergency Stove, or Esbit fold flat stove, is more for emergency use or survival applications than camping or hiking. The Esbit Emergency Stove is perfect for just about any survival kit as it comes flat with three of the large Esbit Fuel Cubes. Esbit as be Learn More
  10. Esbit Stove and Cookset

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $27.55

    br>The Esbit Stove and Cookset is relatively new to the Esbit Stove line. The Esbit Stove and Cookset is constructed from hard, anodized aluminum and includes a 19.8 fl. oz pot, lid and windshield stove unit. The Esbit Pocket Stove, another high quality stove from Esbit Learn More

    Out of stock

  11. Esbit Survival Stove Solid Fuel (12 pieces of 14 Gram)

    br>NSN 9110-99-220-4060 NATO Approved Each Esbit Solid Fuel Tablet, which cannot self ignite, provides intense heat for cooking or emergency warmth. Because it is practically odorless and non-toxic, it can be used within an enclosed area. Includes 12 piec Learn More

    Out of stock

  12. Esbit Pocket Stove and Solid Fuel Tabs (Incl: 6 pieces of 14 Gram)

    br>NSN 7310-99-708-8451 NATO Approved The Esbit Solid Fuel Stove has been around for decades. It has been used extensively by the German and various other European armies since WW II. The Esbit Stove folds to 3" x 4" x 3/4" thus allowing it to be stored virtually any Learn More
  13. Survival Tarp Clip

    br>A Survival Tarp Clip is one of those items that has many possible uses. A tarp clip is more than just a way to attach to a object that has no hole in it. It is also a way to attach to an item so that the item will withstand the stress of heavy duty use. A tarp clip Learn More
  14. Military Issue Bivy Cover

    br/>The U.S. Government Issue Bivy Cover will keep you warm and dry even in the worst conditions. It was designed for soldiers who could not simply move to shelter in bad weather.  Because it is made of high quality Gore Tex material, it will keep you warm and dry yet remai Learn More

    Out of stock

  15. Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag - MSS

    Regular Price: $44.95

    Special Price $24.95

    br/>NSN:  8465-01-398-0687
    Genuine Military Issue
    Made in USA

    This Genuine Military Issue Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is made of water resistant, rip stop nylon and is desig Learn More

    Out of stock

  16. Military Patrol Sleeping Bag - MSS

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price $29.95

    As low as: $14.95
    Military Issue
    NSN:  8465-01-398-0685
    Made in USA

    The Patrol Sleeping Bag, Military Issue, is part of the Military Modular Sleep System. However, it works just as well on its ow Learn More

    Out of stock

  17. Military Issue Insect Net Protector

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price $11.95

    As low as: $7.95
    br/>The USGI Military Issue Mosquito Net and Skeeta Tent are designed to be used with or without a cot and with or without a mosquito field net bar. The design allows for numerous ways to "pitch" this mosquito net, which includes numerous nylon ribbons at the si Learn More

    Out of stock

  18. Military Gel Fuel

    br/>MilPack Gel Fuel has been approved by the Defense Logistics Agency as the new, improved replacement for the old Trioxane Fuel Bars used by the United States Military for years. MilPack Gel Fuel is a great fuel for cooking, for your survival stove, as a fire starter or Learn More
  19. Spark Lite Aviation Survival Fire Starter

    br>NSN 1680-01-233-0061 Government Approved The Spark-Lite Fire Starter is lightweight, dependable and simple to use. It is small and light enough to be carried just about anywhere. Starting a fire is as easy as pulling a waterproof Tinder-Quik Tab from th Learn More
  20. Ultimate Survival Sparkie Fire Starter

    The Ultimate Survival Sparkie Fire Starter
    is an emergency fire starter that generates intense, hot sparks with minimal effort. The Ultimate Survival Sparkie Fire Starter is not affected by adverse weather and works even if it gets wet. Simply wipe off excess water f Learn More
  21. Strike Master K7 Magnesium Fire Starter

    br>The Strike Master K7 Magnesium Fire Starter is the "big brother" to the K1 "Sparky" Fire Starter and like the K1 Fire Starter, is made of a stick of flint and a stick of magnesium fused into one unit. This allows one to produce very hot, easily started fires. The K Learn More
  22. Blast Match Fire Starter - Ultimate Survival

    br>The Blast Match Fire Starter generates a stream of sparks three times the heat of a standard match and will light any material that a match will ignite. The Blast Match Fire Starter performs superbly in the most extreme marine, arctic, desert, and jungle environments. Learn More
  23. Strike Master K1 Sparky Fire Starter

    br>The K1 "Sparky" Fire Starter by Strike Master Survival Tools is designed for keeping you warm in the worst of situations. The magnesium of the Strike Master K1 Fire Starter will burn at 5400 degrees making it possible to ignite even damp tinder. The Strike Mast Learn More
  24. Escape Bivvy (OD Green) by Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL)

    he Survive Outdoors Longer® Escape™ Bivvy is nothing less than a revolution in backcountry shelters. The complaint with most ultra-light emergency shelters is the same: condensation builds up inside as you get warm, leaving your clothes soaking wet. With the Escape™ Bivvy, c Learn More

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  25. Escape Lite Bivvy by Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL)

    ack this light bivvy on your next trip for a backcountry shelter that breathes and keeps you dry from the inside out. Constructed with proprietary fabric with a minimalist design, the Escape Lite weighs in at only 5.5 ounces and packs incredibly small. Reflecting 70% of you Learn More

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