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Blast Match Fire Starter - Ultimate Survival Technologies

Blast Match Fire Starter - Ultimate Survival

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One handed fero rod Review by Joel
I love this thing. I like the fact that we (me or my son) don't have to use our knife (the spine) on a fero rod for safety reasons. Cold, wet hands and the desire to get a fire going fast can lead to accidents when using a knife and fero rod. I'm not worried when my son (16) or daughter (12) use this to light tinder. I also like the fact that it works when wet, is easy to direct the sparks exactly where you want them the first time, and is one hand operated in case you're injured.

This thing puts out wicked sparks - my fires almost always ignite first try. A cotton ball covered in vaseline matched with this is ridiculously fast and easy to light. Not my only method of fire starting, but the easiest and most reliable (and the funnest).

The cons are very minor, I attach it to t (Posted on September 16, 2014)
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Everyone should have at least two of these in their BOBs Review by Oldgeefus
The Blast Match seems pricey at first, but having used it every day in my kitchen for over a year, I wouldn't be without it. It produces lots of super-hot sparks for lighting tinder (or in my case an alcohol stove). It's very easy to use, very well made, and a valuable part of any preparedness, outdoor, or simplification operation. (Posted on November 25, 2013)
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