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UST Stormproof Lighters (formerly Windmill)

Windmill Stormproof Lighters, now owned by UST, believe that in the event of an emergency in the wilderness, heat is essential to survival.  UST's Piezoelectric Ignition Technology has made a true Stormproof Lighter possible. The UST Delta and Trekker Stormproof Lighters can withstand a 70-80 mph wind, burn at almost 2000 F and stay water tight when closed. When open, the piezo-electric ignition system means that the UST Stormproof Lighter will light even when it gets wet. This cannot be said of “flint type” lighters. Best of all, the UST Stormproof Lighter burns regular butane lighter fluid found at any grocery store. The UST Delta and Trekker Storm Lighter is a very valuable piece of survival equipment.

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