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We offer the highest quality aviation, personal and wilderness survival equipment available.  When it comes to our survival, we won't settle for less.  We refuse to ask you to!", The Best Glide ASE Team.

Survival Suture Kit - NEW

QuikClot Distributor
Our Survival Suture Kit includes hospital quality items.

Best Glide ASE is an authorized QuikClot dealer.

Emergency Survival Suture Kit

QuikClot Blood Stopper

Best Glide Adventurer Series

QuikClot by Z-Medica

Great Survival Candle

Water Purification

Adventurer Beeswax
Made in USA Survival Candle

Beeswax Pocket Survival Candle

Sawyer MINI Water Filter
See the NEW
Sawyer Mini Water Filter

U.S. Military Wire Saws NEW ITEM

Spiral Wire Military Survival Saw

Eton Scorpion Emergency Radio

Recreational and Military Scorpion Emergency Radio
Wire Saws
A Few Popular Items Some Recent Additions

Military Wire Saws

Survival Fishing Kits

Wilderness Survival Kits

Woodman's Pal Tool

Genuine Parachute Cord

VS17 Signal Panel Marker
Sewing and Repair Kit

Boy Scout Survival Kit

Military Surplus

Latex Medical Tubing

Rapid Rescue Whistle

USAF Issue Flight Jackets

Military Canteen Cup

Basics Accessory Pouch

Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin Kit

Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin

The Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin is one of the best quality, true, pocket survival kits on the market today. We examined U.S., UK and Chinese made kits, took the best components and ideas, then added our own. We came up with simply the best “tin” kits available.

best glide ase is a supplier of survival kits and equipment to individuals, corporations and the u.s. government. our customers include the us marines corps, navy, air force, coast guard, fbi, dept of the interior, dhs, state department, nasa and individuals and groups world wide.

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Adventurer Pocket Survival Kit
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