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Space Brand Emergency Blanket - Silver/Orange

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Warmth and Shelter

Space Brand Emergency Blanket
MPI Outdoors

Due to its high tensile strength, high visibility and ability to retain 80% of a person’s radiated body heat, the Space Brand Emergency Blanket is one of the most beneficial and most used survival products on the market today.  Though only .00048" thick, the Space Emergency Blanket has the ability to support a 200 lb. person. 

Due to its medical applications, the Space Brand Emergency Blanket is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration Registered Medical Device.  This emergency blanket can be used as ground cover, an emergency shelter, a solar still, sleeping bag liner, emergency snow/sun glasses and in many other ways.

The Space Emergency Blanket’s compact design allows it to be stored virtually anywhere. This product is currently manufactured for the U.S. Military, Boy and Girl Scouts of America, National Ski Patrol and various medical suppliers.

To be better utilized as a signaling device, the Best Glide A.S.E. version is silver on one side and orange on the other.



Space Emergency Blanket
MPI Outdoors

Emergency Blanket

Space Brand Emergency Blanket - MPI Outdoors

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