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Leatherman Nylon Tool Sheath

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Leatherman Tool Sheath

Leatherman Tool
Universal Nylon Sheath


Leatherman Multi Tools can be found around the world for one reason. Leatherman Multi Tools are of the highest quality and will do the job they were designed to do. Leatherman Multi Tools, the original multi tools, are in use by everyone from militaries to Boy Scouts, from paramedics to police.

The Leatherman Multi Tool is the choice of those who must know that they can depend on their equipment during that most crucial time; when lives are at stake.

The Leatherman Universal Tool Sheath is a perfect accessory for your standard size 4" Leatherman Tool.  This sheath, made in the spirit of Leatherman's outstanding quality, fits the Leatherman Wave Tool, Leatherman Pulse, Charge, Blast and additional Leatherman multi-tools listed below.

The Leatherman Tool Sheath is made of heavy black nylon and secures your Leatherman Tool by use of a velcro like hook and loop system.  Bi-directional loops on the back allow this sheath to be worn either vertically or horizontally. This is a perfect way to protect your Leatherman Tool when you anticipate being in wet, dirty and rugged conditions.

This Leatherman Tool Sheath is made to specifically fit the Leatherman PST, PST II, Leatherman Sideclip, Flair, Leatherman Original Wave, Pulse, Crunch, Kick, Fuse and Leatherman Blast .

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