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Windmill Stormproof Lighter

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Survival Warmth and Shelter

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Windmill, now by UST, Stormproof® Lighter

In the event of an emergency in the wilderness, heat is essential to survival.   Windmill’s Piezoelectric Ignition Technology has made a true Stormproof Lighter possible.  The UST Stormproof Lighter can withstand a 70-80 mph, burn at almost 2000 F and stay water tight when closed.  When open, the piezo-electric ignition system means that the Windmill UST Stormproof Lighter will light even when it gets wet.  This cannot be said of “flint type” lighters.  Best of all, the UST Stormproof Lighter burns regular butane lighter fluid found at any grocery store. The Windmill Lighter is a very valuable piece of survival equipment.


Windmill Stormproof Lighter


All Windproof Lighters Are Not Created Equal

Windmill, now UST, has earned the right to call their lighters Stormproof®.  While other lighters may claim some wind resistance, none can match the UST Stormproof Lighter's performance.



Why do I need a UST Windmill Stormproof Lighter?  Aren't Survival Matches good enough? I am glad you asked that!  While survival matches are a must for any survival kit, you need something that will give you a continuous, high heat flame when conditions are at their worst.  That is why we offer the Windmill Stormproof® Windproof Lighter.


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Windmill Wind Proof Lighter

Windmill Stormproof Lighters

UST Stormproof Lighter

UST Stormproof Lighter



Windmill Windproof Lighter

Windmill Stormproof Lighter


Windmill Storm Proof Lighter - Windmill


UST Stormproof Lighter Features

  • Windproof Flame

  • Piezoelectric Ignition Technology

  • Water Resistant Rubber O-Ring Seals

  • Flame Window

  • Refillable Butane Gas Fuel

  • Performs in Extreme Conditions

  • Butane - The Best Choice


Windmill Stormproof® Lighters, now owned by UST, have been offered by Best Glide ASE since 2002 for good reason. We have not come across a more dependable survival lighter than the Windmill Storm Proof Lighter. However, we highly recommend a backup with it comes to survival equipment. Our Adventurer Series Survival Matches are a great backup for the Windmill Windproof Lighter.

Windmill UST Stormproof Lighter


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