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BCB Commando Wire Saw

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BCB Commando Wire Saw
NATO Approved

The BCB Commando Wire Saw consists of a 28" length of 8 strand braided stainless steel wire with a metal ring attached to each end.  Because of the flexibility of the BCB Commando Wire Saw, it can be used to cut a variety of different materials such as wood, bone, and soft metals such as aircraft aluminum. 

This NATO Approved Commando Wire Saw can cut these materials in locations that would be inaccessible to a larger saw.  The utility in this is obvious to a downed flier, allowing the pilot to use the structural materials in the downed aircraft and materials from the surrounding area to make shelters, tools etc. 

The NATO Commando Wire Saw can also be strung between the ends of a stick to make a bow saw.  This is a serious survival tool that is in use by military pilots and special operations personnel worldwide.

NATO Commando Wire Saw
BCB International

The BCB Commando Wire Saw has been replaced by the more durable, U.S. Made, Adventurer Spiral Wire Saw. See below.

Commando Wire Saw

Spiral Wire Survival Saw

Traditionally, Survival Wire Saws have utilized wire strands as the cutting surface. This resulted in a ”good” saw that could cut moderately well through wood, thin aluminum, and bone. The main issue with traditional wire saws is that there are inconsistencies with the way the wires are wrapped. The traditional wire saw does not present a consistent cutting surface and the wire has a tendency to “snag”. This can result in a broken wire, either in the strands where knots and smaller wires form a weak spot in the wire, or the connections to the rings or handles from the sudden shock to the wire when the wire snags.

The Adventurer Spiral Wire Survival Saw utilizes an entirely different blade in that it is “spiral” in design. Distributed by Best Glide ASE, this Survival Saw is more versatile and much safer than any flat blade, as the unique spiral design allows cutting in any direction. Made of specially hardened steel and stainless steel, all edges of the spiral blade are cutting edges. This type of survival saw has been used by the U.S. Military for over 30 years.

Best Glide ASE offers three versions of this saw, depending on your needs:

The Spiral Wire Pocket Saw is perfect for small survival kits or to simply stick into, well, your pocket. The wire is slightly thinner than the next saw up therefore it is more for light duty use. However, even this version is stronger than most wire saws on the market today.

The Spiral Wire Camp Saw utilizes slightly heavier wire, is a little longer and includes larger rings for longer, more comfortable, cutting. As the name says, it is more suitable for camp use or when space is not an issue, though this wire saw is still very compactable.

The Spiral Wire Military Saw is just that, a military version of the above. You will not find a more durable wire saw than this. It includes very heavy duty rings that allow for blade replacement. This version even comes with an extra blade. This is a Military Issue item and carries NSN 5110-00-570-6896. It is designated Saw, Hand, Finger Grip by the US Government.

All three Adventurer Spiral Wire Saws are Made in the USA!

Spiral Wire Pocket Saw
Spiral Wire Camp Saw
Spiral Wire Military Survival Saw
Spiral Wire Pocket Saw

Best Glide ASE
Spiral Wire Camp Saw

Best Glide ASE
Spiral Wire Military Saw

Best Glide ASE
Pocket Wire Saw
Camp Wire Saw
Military Survival Wire Saw

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