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Desert Operator Survival Kit

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Desert Operator Survival Kit

The Desert Operator Survival Kit was the result of a collaboration between Best Glide ASE and a large Government Contractor for the U.S. State Department. This government contractor needed a compact survival kit to aid their operators in a survival situation. Designed specifically for a short term survival incident in which help is not far away, this kit provides numerous high quality and government approved items to aid in a survival situation under hostile conditions.

The Desert Operator Survival Kit not only includes numerous high quality survival kit items, but also a separate 9" x 6" Military Approved Aloksak bag which contains two SOLAS approved water packets. This way you can choose when you want to include the extra weight of the water, or opt to leave it behind when water is expected to not be an issue.

The Made in the USA, Ready Five Compact Kit Bag is made of 600 Denier Tough Duck Material and includes a water repellent backing. The bottom has no seam to maximize the strength of the bag. The YKK Self Healing Zippers are double stitched. There is extra room which allows for the addition of several personal items if desired.

This Made in USA survival kit is currently in use in Iraq by US Forces.

Stock#: SK1363 (civilian)
Stock#: SK1363M (military/government)
Series: Military
Wt: 20.5 oz. (kit only)
Wt: 8.5 oz. (included water component only)
Size: 10” x 5.5” x 2.0”
(approx, w/o water)

Desert Operator Military Survival Kit



Desert Operator Survival Kit

Desert Operator Survival Kit
Best Glide ASE


Desert Survival Kit Contents
Minor substitutions sometimes apply.

Desert Military Survival Kit

US Government Survival Kit
* Desert Operator Survival Kit contents include:
Food Gathering/Food and Water  
  Emergency Drinking Water (2 packs) SOLAS Approved
  Katadyn MP1 Water Purification Tablets Military Issue/Approved
Signaling and Navigation  
  Star Flash Signal Mirror (2" x 3") Military Issue
  Brunton Baseplate Compass  
  Adventurer Compact Signal Whistle Military Issue/SOLAS
Warmth and Shelter  
  Spark Lite Aviation Fire Starter Military Approved
  Heatsheet Survival Blanket  
  All Weather Survival Matches (NATO) Military Approved
Tools and Sharps  
  Adventurer Spiral Wire Camp Saw Made in USA
  Victorinox Soldier Pocket Knife Swiss Army Issue
Lights and Illumination  
  Cyalume SOS Light (Green) Military Approved
  ** Cyalume 6" Light Stick (Green) Military Approved
Medical and Protection  
  Best Glide Compact First Aid Kit  
    Sting Relief (2 packets)  
    Butterfly Bandages (2)  
    Band Aids (6)  
    Moleskin (3" x 4")  
    Triple Antibiotic Ointment (2)  
    Zip Lock Bag  
  Hand Sanitizer (2 packets)  
  Sunscreen (2 packets)  
  Ben's Deet Bug Repellent Wipes (4)  
  MIL-C-5040 Military Para Cord (10 ft.) Military Issue/Made in USA
  Compact Repair Tape (2 mini rolls) Made in USA
Bags and Containers  
  Ready Five Compact Kit Bag Made in USA
  Silica Gel Desiccant (1 oz. packet)  
  9" x 6" Aloksak Weather Proof Bag (2) Military Approved
  Best Glide Survival Tips Made in USA
  Adventurer Fresnel Lens  
* Minor substitutions sometimes apply due to product availability.
** In the Government Version, this item is a Cyalume SOS (IR) Light Stick.

Best Glide ASE has manufactured survival kits for everyone from the U.S. Military to the FBI to the State Department to Missionary Organizations to the Border Patrol. You simply won't find better quality or more well thought out kits than Best Glide ASE Survival Kits. Because we manufacturer our own survival kits, you will find that we stock all of the items included in our kits. This makes replenishment or replacement of components easy and quick.

Desert Operator Military Survival Kit
Desert Operator Military Survival Kit

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