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Solarlink FR360 Emergency Radio


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Eton Solarlink FR360 Emergency Radio

There is no substitute for reliable communication in a survival situation. With the Eton Solarlink FR360 Emergency Radio, you have so much more. This packed emergency radio has what you need in a survival or outdoor situation.

The Solarlink FR360, larger with more features than the Eton Microlink FR160 Radio, is a self powered, AM/FM, NOAA Weather Radio with a built in flashlight and emergency beacon. The FR360 Emergency Radio by Eton has (4) methods for power, ensuring that you will never run out. What good is a radio with dead batteries?

The Eton Solarlink FR360 Radio has a digital tuner that will tune all AM/FM stations including 520 - 1710 Khz on the AM dial and 87 - 108 Mhz on the FM dial. It is also tunes all 7 NOAA Weatherband channels and has an emergency alert that helps keep you informed. The Eton FR360 also includes a 4 led light source, a red emergency LED light, solar or dynamo battery charging, AC and DC power and a USB phone charging plug (USB cable not included).

The Eton Solarlink FR360 Emergency Radio is a packed Eton Emergency Radio that will help get you through tough times and emergencies. If you are looking for something smaller and less expensive, be sure to take a look at the Eton Microlink FR160 Radio, the little brother of the FR360 by Eton.


Eton FR360 Emergency Radio

Solarlink FR360 Emergency Radio


Eton FRX2 Emergency Radio

Emergency Survival Radio

Eton FR360 Emergency Radio

  • Digital AM (520-1710 Khz) & FM (87-108 Mhz) & All 7 NOAA Weather channels (plus "Alert"). Includes backlit led display.

  • (FOUR) power source: solar and integral dynamo internal Ni-MH battery charger, 3AAA batteries (not included), AC power
  • Built-in 4 white LED light source and 1 flashing "emergency" red LED for easy locating in an emergency situation

  • Connectors, with rubber gaskets/plugs to seal out moisture, 3.5mm headphone, DC-in, USB phone charger (cable not included) and AUX in
  • Approximately 6.25" x 6.5" x 1.73"

  • Weight: 1 lb

  • Telescopic antenna for maximum reception and range

  • Offered in black with owner's manual and warranty card

  • The Eton Microlink FR360 Radio is also splash proof, making it safe for the beach or a simple trip into the woods. Even if you don't purchase the Eton FR360, be sure to have some way to get information in case of natural disaster. As an added convenience, the FR360 Emergency Radio also includes an alarm clock and an AUX input to listen to your other devices like IPOD music players.

Eton Solarlink Emergency Radio

Eton FR360 Emergency Radio


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