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Military Survival Tin by BCB International
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The Military Survival Tin has been replaced by the U.S. Made Military Scout Survival Kit Tin. It, and its civilian counterpart, the Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin, are some of the highest quality, best stocked Pocket Survival Kit Tins on the market today.
We include the below comparison so that you may draw your own conclusions. If you prefer the U.S. Made Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin or the U.S. Made Military Scout Pocket Survival Tin, we supply links at the bottom of the page to those items.

BCB Combat Survival Tin
Military Survival Tin

Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin
Military Scout Pocket Survival Tin

The BCB Military Survival Tin is offered by BCB International in the United Kingdom. It is made of foreign components from numerous locations. It is imported.
These pocket survival kits are made in the USA and include U.S. Military Issue, NATO Issue and made in the USA items. They are made in Texas, USA.
BCB Combat and Military Survival Tin
Best Glide Adventurer Pocket and Military Scout Survival Tin

Contents and Specs:

Military Survival Tin

Water resistant tin


Button compass


Book Matches


Purification tablets




Adhesive plasters




Safety pins


Accident eval  form


Signal Mirror



Single edged razors  

Vinyl tape






Snare wire


Flint & striker


Fishing kit


Sewing kit


Wire saw


Survival instructions


Tin Hanging Handle


Water bags

Weight: 7.7oz
Size: 4.5" x 3.3" x 1.2"
Contents and Specs:

Military Scout
Pocket Survival Tin

Water Resistant Tin Rubber Seal
Button Compass U.S. Military Issue
NATO Matches U.S. Military Issue
Razor Knife U.S. Military Issue
Basic Sewing Kit Assembled in USA
Safety Pins (in sewing kit)
MP1 Water Tablets U.S. Military Issue
Survival Whistle SOLAS/USCG App
Mini Fishing Kit Assembled in USA
Vinyl Tape (water proof)
Type 1A Utility Cord U.S. Military Issue
Brass Snare Wire
Signal Mirror Compact
Beeswax Candles Made in USA
Compact Fire Starter Adventurer Series
Fire Tinder Tabs Adventurer Series
Fresnel Fire Starter Adventurer Series
Band Aids/Butterfly
Pocket Wire Saw Made in USA
Plastic Tie Wraps Equipment Repair
Water Bag
Survival Instructions Made in USA
Silica Gel Desiccant  
Military Packaging Military Grade
SK1340 - Adventurer Survival Tin
SK1340M - Military Scout Survival Tin
Series: Adventurer
Wt: 6.5 oz (approx)
Size: 4.5" x 3.3" x 1.2" (approx)

Military Survival Tin - BCB International

Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin
Military Scout Pocket Survival Tin
Pocket Survival Tin
Military Survival tin

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