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Silva Ranger CL Compass


 Silva Ranger CL Compass

Silva Ranger CL Compass

The Silva Ranger CL Compass most definitely falls into the military and professional category. With enhancements and quality upgrades that fill the most demanding of conditions and missions, the Silva Ranger CL Compass is the "Pinnacle of Precision".

In perfect Silva fashion, this compass is nothing short of "loaded". The Silva Ranger Compass large mirror enhances accuracy when sighting distant landmarks. The three scales provide quick, easy plotting with any topographic map and Romer scales can be used to create grid references for use with ordinance maps, but also with rescue operations.

As if that wasn't enough, silicone feet provide a positive grip on a map, which is very helpful in wet or field operations. The geared declination allows you to set and forget the declination for the area you are in, ensuring constant compensation for this variable when taking bearings. The declination scale sets easily from the bottom of the compass and a clinometer lets you measure angles of inclination.

Silva Ranger CL Compass
Silva Ranger CL Compass

Silva Ranger CL Compass
Silva Ranger CL Compass
Professional / Military Compass

Silva Ranger CL Compass

Why even carry a compass?

In a survival situation, a compass is a must have item.  Of course, it is always best to stay in one place if searchers are looking for you and it is safe to do so.  However, if you must move, you must know which direction you are going.  Equally important is the ability to walk in one direction without walking a circle and ending up back where you started, or even worse, where you did not want to go. 

However, what good is a compass if you don't know how to use it. At Best Glide ASE, we feel that knowledge is often better than equipment and equipment without knowledge of how to use it is wasted equipment. Food, water and matches are easy. But a compass, or firestarter or even signal flares...these take and necessitate practice BEFORE the emergency occurs.

Valuable time has been wasted by a victim of a survival situation simply because they did not have the ability to walk a straight line. A compass is necessary and fun for survival and recreation. A quality compass, like our Silva or Adventurer Series Compasses are dependable, durable and most importantly, do what they are designed to do; keep you going in the correct direction.

Silva Ranger CL Compass Features
(This compass is packed with them!)

0 - 360 dial
2 graduations (for increased accuracy)
Sighting mirror, etched sighting line
Vee-sight lid
1/20 inch and millimeter scales
1:24,000 map scale
1:25,000 and 1:50,000 Romer scales
Map magnifier
Luminous points for night use
Geared declination adjustment
Silicone feet
Lanyard with adjustable slider and screwdriver

Silva Ranger CL Compass
Silva Ranger CL Compass


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