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Survival Kit Tin

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Survival Kit Tin

One of the main problems in designing your own survival kit, or finding a good one for that matter, is the packaging.  How it is stored seems to make much of the difference between a functional kit and one that could use improvement.  The Survival Kit Tin is a perfect solution to this problem.

The Survival Kit Tin is a perfect container for a small or personal survival kit.  It also lends itself to being a perfect container for a small first aid or fishing kit. 

This small tin is the same one used in the Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin and the Adventurer Military Scout Survival Tin.  This Survival Kit Tin measures approximately 4.5" x 3.3" x 1.2" and incorporates a thin rubber seal to aid in keeping moisture out.

We include a 1 oz Silica Gel Desiccant with each tin to help you keep your survival items free from moisture.

For a complete storage solution, add the increasingly popular Best Glide Personal Survival Kit Tin Holder to your order. Select the image to the right for more information on the heavy duty PSK Tin Holder made by Best Glide ASE from MilSpec materials.

Silica Gel


Large Survival Kit Tin

Large Survival Kit Tin
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Survival Kit Tin

 Survival Kit Tin




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