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Survival Related Links

Each site included below has been evaluated by a member of the Best Glide Staff and has been approved as a site that could be beneficial to those interested in survival, survival equipment and training or obtaining general knowledge that could be helpful in a survival or rescue situation. Also included are businesses we found to offer other services that might be of interest to our customers. We hope you will find this list helpful as it continues to grow.

Survival Schools
Randall's Adventure and Training
Global Survival Institute - The Oldest Survival School in North America
Earth Native Wilderness School - Wilderness Survival, Wildlife Tracking, Nature Connection, Sustainable Living
High Desert Survival School - High Desert Survival School was born in 2004

Survival and Rescue Organizations and Agencies
American Red Cross
Civil Air Patrol

Survival Information Sites
Ready. Gov

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Organizations
Mission Aviation Fellowship
United Way
Salvation Army
Amnesty International
Habitat for Humanity

Clubs and Membership Organizations
Boy Scouts of America
Girl Scouts
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Places to Visit
National Park Service

Crew Jobs

Camping, Hiking and Outdoors
The Nature Conservancy"

American Association of State Troopers
Child Find of America

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