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“That Won’t Happen to Me”: A Customer’s Tale of Preparedness

The phrase “That Won’t Happen to Me!” is used all too often. In actuality, disaster could be around any corner and can affect anyone at any time. Many of our survival products are purchased under the premise of “just in case”, but we realize few imagine what they would do if it did happen to them.

Every once in a while, we hear from someone who considered the bad things that could happen and acted on commonsense, using the right equipment at the right time.  With his permission, here is the unsolicited account of Stephen H. from North Carolina:


"Dear Best Glide,

I would like to share my story about how your products save my life.

Months back I ordered one of your Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit. I carried it everywhere! Mountain biking, hiking, and everywhere else. I never thought I would have to use it, however, I was always taught through the Boy Scouts and my dad that I needed to be prepared. My friends thought I was crazy for carrying all the extra weight. I do a good bit of solo hiking and just exploring alone.

One day I went to Linville Gorge State Park in North Carolina. I was on a pretty remote section of the trail. It was not maintained well at all. A good portion of the markings were obscured or just not there. I made the mistake of getting started too late in the day (about noon) but I wanted to hike! I also forgot to tell my friends and family that I switched from my original plan. My hike got started off well. It was in the mid 70's but, it began to drizzle on me (as it normally does, I have bad luck). I hiked till about 5 that evening before deciding to turn back. With little markings on the trees I began to get confused.

The landmarks all looked the same. I did not come to the realization that I was lost till about 8 o'clock that night. Then it hit me that I would be spending the night out in the wilderness. I had the sudden reminder that I had my Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit with me! I broke it out and sorted through the items. The first thing I did was use the emergency blanket, duct tape, and zip ties to make a shelter for the night. I made a semi lean-to with a couple of tree branches.

After I used the wire saw to cut of some small pieces of wood for the night ahead. The derma safe knife was excellent to shave off some tinder to get my precious fire started in the first place. I then used the book of matches and fire gel to get a small fire going. They both worked like a charm! I used a combination on the snare wire and the utility cord to weave a small sleeping pad of branches and grass to get me up off the cold ground. I stayed warm for the majority of the night. Between the fire reflecting off of the emergency blanket and the sleeping pad I made, I was fairly comfortable given the situation.

It was by no means a comfortable night. However, my survival kit made the night so much easier and so much less scary. The next day I packed up my stuff the best I could and broke camp. The walk out was just as confusing as it was the day before. I was starting to convince myself that I was going to be out for another night. I had the good fortune of running into another group of hikers. I told them how I got lost and had to spend the night out in the wilderness. They graciously showed me the way out off of the trail. I discovered that at a junction I had taken a wrong turn and ended up miles away from where I was supposed to be. Having the kit gives me a real peace of mind. The components are absolutely top quality. I am one of the most satisfied customers ever! I just put an order in for more supplies to make a smaller kit. Best Glide is a one stop shop for all your survival/ medical needs.



Stephen H.

North Carolina, USA"


Stephen – Thank you for sharing that with us. It is a great encouragement to us to hear your story and we wish you well in the future!

The invaluable guidance of both his Dad and the Boy Scouts, coupled with experience, taught him early to prepare for the worst. The fact that he had a survival kit says a great deal about Stephen. He understood the chances of  plans going awry and he prepared himself.  Stephen’s story turned out well – despite starting late and forgetting to tell others of his plans.

Bad things can and will happen to us all therefore it is essential to take steps to ensure that a seemingly simple trek on the ground, in the air, or on the water will not turn into a challenge of you against nature. Be it a hiking excursion, a cross-country automobile trip, a flight in a small aircraft, or a natural disaster that has you either “bugging out” or sheltering in place, preparation will pay off when the time comes.


Remember - " Fortuna favet præparaverat  -  Fortune Favors the Prepared!"

This entry was posted on October 10, 2012 by Patrick Carey.

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