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Adventurer Basic Survival Candles

Best Glide ASE Basic Survival Candles

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Best Glide ASE Basic Survival Candles fill a basic need when it comes to numerous survival, emergency and recreational activities. One may think that candles are for light only. In a survival situation, they are useful for much more. First and foremost, a candle is a great fire starting tool. Ever tried to use matches on damp wood? Candles provide a constant flame which aids in not using up all of your precious matches. A consistent flame also helps light wood that is resistant to lighting due to humidity, wind or other factors.

What do you think is one of the most needed tools during a survival or emergency situation? If you said a positive outlook, we think you are right. A candle provides comfort both due to its warmth and light producing qualities. Anything that can be done to stay positive during an emergency can only help the situation. Because of its long term lighting capability, a candle can light even wet pine straw in time. Producing smoke signals, to aid rescuers in locating those in need, have proven very effective in the past.

Last but not least, in the dark, it is hard to handle small items used for first aid, survival food gathering such as fishing, and reading a survival manual. Candles do not produce a large amount of light, but they do not need batteries that often do not get checked on a regular basis either.

In short, small candles have many purposes for both survival and recreation. They can help light a life saving fire for both warmth and signaling, help one stay focused and optimistic, produce light to aid in accomplishing survival related tasks and even produce warmth in keeping extremities warm.

Dimensions:  Approximately 3/4" in Diameter; and, 4" long.

Burn Time:  Approximately 2 Hours

Cautions and Instructions:

Child supervision required. NEVER leave a flame unattended. Remove combustible material from area of candle prior to lighting.