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Adventurer Mini Gear Box

Best Glide ASE Mini Gear Box

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The Best Glide ASE Mini Gear Box is the perfect size for a small survival kit, fishing kit, medical kit or just to store your small items in.  Because of its small size, the Mini Gear Box fits great in a coat pocket, backpack or even glove compartment.

The Best Glide ASE Mini Gear Box is made from high quality aluminum, thicker than similar products.  This makes the Mini Gear Box extremely durable.  An integral seal, secured firmly inside the lid, makes the mini gear box very moisture resistant.  Heavy duty roller claps on each end of the box helps to firmly secure the lid to the box.  The hardware used to attach the claps to the lid is made of stainless steel, as strength in this area is paramount.

Because of the integral rubber seal, The Best Glide ASE Mini Gear Box is designed to be water resistant to keep your valuable dry wet weather.  However, it is not designed to be submerged.

The Best Glide ASE Mini Gear Box weighs 4.4 oz, slightly more than similar products due to the thicker aluminum used on the Mini Gear Box.  Interior dimensions are approx. 1" x 5" x 3.5".  The exterior of the the box is slighly larger at 1.25" x 5.625" x 6.75".


Interior Dimensions:  1" x 5" x 3.5" (approx.)
Exterior Dimensions:  1.25" x 5.625" x 6.75" (approx)
Weight: 4.4 oz (aprox)
Body and Lid Material:  Aluminum
Latching System Hardware:  Stainless Steel
Integral Rubber Seal in Lid:  Yes
Water Resistant:  Yes (Note:  This item is water resistant, not water proof.  It is not designed to be submerged.)

This is the first version of this product and we would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have about making it even better!  Please use the product review system on this page to let us know how we are doing!