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All Weather Pen #36

Rite in the Rain All Weather Pen #36 (Silver Bullet Pen)

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The Rite in the Rain Silver Bullet Pen is the next generation of All Weather Pens. The Silver Bullet #36 All Weather Pen folds to half the size of our standard pens. This All Weather Pen is all metal and comes with black ink and a fine point. The Model 36 Rite in the Rain All Weather Metal Bullet Pen is stylish, durable and best of all...writes upside down and in almost any conditions.
Rite in the Rain All Weather Pen - J. L. Darling Corporation
The "Rite in the Rain" All Weather Pen writes underwater, upside down and in temperatures from -50 F to 400F. When writing in wet conditions, one must use a pencil or an all weather pen like the Rite in the Rain. A pencil is more likely to be broken under harsh conditions than a pen, therefore we recommend the "Rite-in-the-Rain" All Weather Pen or a product like it for every survival kit. For those times when you need a pen, use the All-weather Pen. The Rite in the Rain All Weather Pen is the ideal ball point pen for outdoor use due to its pressurized ink cartridge and permanent ink. The Rite in the Rain Pen writes underwater and upside down, and it will write in all weather conditions, even temperatures as low as - 50 F. These amazing pens are fine point. The Tactical All Weather Pen (see the Black Bullet Pen #96 in this section) is authorized for use by the U.S. Government under NSN 7520-01-498-2079. See our other Rite in the Rain All Weather Pens in this catagory. Check out our Rite in the Rain All Weather Paper too!