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Basic Mosquito Headnet

Best Glide ASE Mosquito Head Net

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The Adventurer Mosquito Head Net provides protection from insects and is a must in the deep woods. We had no idea how important this item was until we landed at Watson Lake, Canada in the summer. Bug spray alone would not have worked. A mosquito head net was mandatory survival equipment.

This Adventurer Mosquito Head Net is designed to be worn with or without a hat and protects your face and neck from biting insects. We highly recommend a mosquito head net as a supplement to insect repellent.

Mosquito head nets are required items for flights into Canada and Alaska for good reason. A mosquito headnet is one of those items that you can do without, until you need it, then it is simply too late. For this price, carry a couple of Mosquito Headnets in your vehicle, pack or survival kit. How important is a mosquito head net in a survival situation?