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Burnshield 2.7 Oz Hydrogel Spray Bottle (Travel Size)

Burnshield 2.7 Oz Hydrogel Spray Bottle (Travel Size)

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Burnshield takes advantage of the soothing and antimicrobial properties of all natural tea-tree oil and combines it with a perfectly viscous hydrogel to cool the wound and protect from infection. When applied after a burn, Burnshield absorbs and dissipates heat, provides immediate relief, minimizes shock and skin damage, halts the burn process, and physically protects against further contamination.

Key Features of Burnshield Hydrogel Sprays:

Absorbs and dissipates heat - minimises burn damage
Cooling - pain relief and shock reduction
Clear - easy to assess wound
Non-stick -will not adhere to wound
Natural anti-bacterial
Non Toxic
Non Irritant

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